Website Feature of the Week: Experienced Shoe Finder

Women's Experienced Shoe Finder

We’ve got hundreds of running shoes on our website. That level of selection is one of the reasons our customers love us so much. But it also presents a bit of a problem: how do you find that one perfect pair for you out of all the shoe types, brands and sizes we carry?

Men's Experienced Shoe Finder

Enter the Running Warehouse Experienced Shoe Finder (available for Women and for Men). In just seconds you can select your size and some other features to narrow down your search. Click the Search button and our finder does the rest, returning a list of shoes that match all your chosen characteristics.

Narrowing Down Your Options

The only required field for our Experienced Shoe Finder is your shoe size. But you won’t want to stop there. Here are some other ways you can pinpoint the right shoe for your needs:

  • Price Range: Find a shoe that fits your budget.
  • Brand: Limit your search only to brands you’d want to wear.
  • Shoe Width: If you have a narrow or wide foot, be sure to click here.
  • Shoe Type: Road? Trail? Lightweight? Tell us what you need.
  • Pronation Control Level: Find shoes that give you a proper level of support.
  • Feature Level: Choose from bare bones to bells and whistles.
  • Heel-To-Toe Drop: If you have a preference, select it here.

You can always find our shoe search tools by clicking on “Search Shoes” under Product Finders on the right-hand side of the Men’s or Women’s homepage.

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