Our Online Running Gait Analysis Service

If you’re new to running (or maybe even if you’ve been at it for awhile), you might be wondering what the deal is with this whole ‘gait analysis’ thing. So glad you asked!

Running Warehouse offers a free online running gait analysis to help you find a running shoe that fits your running mechanics. Our gait analysis service allows us to evaluate whether you exhibit overpronation, neutral pronation or supination. Based on your gait analysis, specialists at Running Warehouse will be able to recommend appropriate shoe models for your running mechanics.

It’s important to run in a shoe that complements your running mechanics, because it can help prevent joint and other injuries when you train. Logging miles in a shoe that doesn’t suit your running mechanics can cause discomfort and can increase your risk of running injury. When you lace up – even if it’s just for a few miles – it’s best to be in a shoe that fits your gait.

To create and submit a gait analysis, place a video camera focused on your legs and feet behind a treadmill in your home or gym. Run at a comfortable pace for 10-15 seconds. Transfer your video to your computer and save it as an .avi, .mov (Quicktime), or .wmv (Windows Media) file format. Email your video as an attachment to info@runningwarehouse.com.

Make sure to include the make and model of the shoe you’re wearing during the filming of your video, so that we can more accurately assess your gait.

  • Matt J

    For those that haven’t used this service yet, you’re seriously missing out. I sent in a video and rec’d a response within a few hours. I had been buying support shoes and found out I didn’t need to. This was a HUGE help for me. Thanks again RunningWarehouse!

  • Matt

    Thanks for the testimonial, Matt – glad to hear it was a success for you!

  • Mike

    Hi. What if we don’t have a treadmill? I filmed myself running outside from the front, back, and side. Can I submit these files for analysis?

  • Matt

    Go ahead and submit the files to us. If we are able to make a determination based on what we see, we’ll certainly pass on a recommendation.

  • RunningChapina

    I’d like to have my running gait analized but I live in the middle of nowhere. How much does this service cost?

  • Matt

    Our gait analysis service is free. Just send us your best quality video and the shoes you’re running in and we’ll provide our analysis along with a few shoe recommendations.

  • RunningChapina

    I’ll do that, thanks!