Website Feature of the Week: Shoefitr

So last week we were sitting around talking about how the Running Warehouse website is pretty great. You know, just another day of tooting our own horn. But then we realized that there are probably a lot of our customers who don’t know just how cool the site really is, because they’ve only scratched the surface.

Well we’re here to help you scratch a little deeper. Each week, we’re going to start sharing our horn-tootin’ with the rest of you. Starting off this week, our focus is on Shoefitr.

A shoe and a ruler. That's the proven recipe for Shoefitr awesomeness.

Accurate Shoe Sizing in Seconds

Shoefitr may be old news to a lot of you. After all, it’s been on our site since summer 2010. Shoefitr’s 3D shoe images also regularly appear in Running Times magazine and on But some runners still haven’t seen Shoefitr in action. Here’s the rundown: Shoefitr tells you your size in a new shoe based on your size in your current shoe. How does it perform this magic? Measurements, measurements, measurements. And then some more measurements.

Shoefitr In Depth

The Shoefitr folks are based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where they’ve set up a product testing lab to perform detailed, 3D measurements of shoes. The goal is to measure each new model very soon after its release, while keeping an archive of older models for comparison purposes. For an accurate gauge of fit and sizing, several different sizes in both Men’s and Women’s models are measured for each shoe. Shoefitr has scanned models from 46 different manufacturers. The company currently has 1706 shoe models in its database, a number that continues to grow every month as new models are released.

Making Shoefitr Work for You

  1. Go to the product page for a shoe you are considering purchasing.
  2. Click on the ‘Show me how it fits!’ button to the right of the picture of the shoe.
  3. Enter the model and size you are currently wearing.
  4. Click the ‘Compare how they fit!’ button.
  5. Shoefitr will recommend a size and show you a 3D image of where the shoe you’d like to purchase may be tighter or looser than the one you currently wear.

Not seeing the Shoefitr button so you can get started? You can add “?disable-shoefitr-test” to the end of the URL for the product page you are on and the button will be displayed.

Stay tuned next Friday for another Website Feature of the Week!

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