Women’s Short and Long Sleeve Tops | Buying Guide Fall 2017

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Fall is a tricky season to define. The trickiest, even.

Sometimes, thoughts of fall evoke the crisp bite in the air, the chill that widens your eyes with a startle and makes you wrap your arms around yourself as you let out your first (justified) “brr” in months. Other times, fall is an oppressive afternoon glare. Gone is the courteous summer sun who bee-lines his way for the hills in the evening. Slinking his way in now is the fall sun, whose warming rays hang down around the horizon for hours and make you question if winter is indeed coming.

With such a range, it’s hard to pick a single wardrobe essential for fall runs. To help guide your choices this autumn, we’ve gathered some of our favorite short sleeves, long sleeves, and half zips into three categories: nice (tops that feel luxurious), spice (tops that use unique technology), and price (tops that get the job done without breaking the bank).

Short Sleeve Tops


rabbit Women’s Te Amo Short Sleeve – MSRP $50.00

The feel of these new rabbit tops might ruin you for all other fabrics. The material manages to be rich and soft without being thick, and the raglan sleeve design leaves your arm swing unhindered so that you may expressively profess your love for rabbit mid-run.


adidas Women’s Primeknit Wool Short Sleeve Tee – MSRP $75.00

The Primeknit tee is chock-full of advantageous tech with its stretchy, seamless design and what seems to be perfection in fit. The addition of wool to its construction, though, takes it to a whole new level. Wool makes this tee better at regulating temperature, more odor-resistant, and softer than the majority of other tops on the market.


Nike Women’s Dry Legend Scoop Short Sleeve Tee – MSRP $20.00

This Nike tee offers an incredible value while still boasting a full nylon construction and an elegant scoop neck design. With six color options at that price, you don’t even have to be decisive.


Long Sleeve Tops


Oiselle Women’s Lux Raglan Long Sleeve – MSRP $74.00

This long sleeve is true to its name, with luxury oozing from its silky construction and enough spandex to give it a technical, secure feel against your skin. Added benefits like thumbholes allow you to cover as much of your body in the Lux as possible.


Brooks Women’s Threshold Long Sleeve – MSRP $90.00

This Brooks piece is no ordinary long sleeve. Made for those who reside in less ambiguous fall climates, the extended funnel neck and brushed fabric beneath the front panel work to shield you from the oncoming chill. A thinner, lighter back panel helps your body manage temperature without exposing skin to the biting wind.


New Balance Women’s Heather Tech Long Sleeve – MSRP $34.99

For days when you just need a basic long sleeve to cover up and keep the chill off, this top from New Balance provides an easy solution. With heathered fabric, flat seams, and thumbholes at the wrist, having this tee in your fall arsenal is a no-brainer.

Half Zips


New Balance Women’s In Transit Half-Zip – MSRP $69.99

The In Transit sets the standard for the “nice” category. Its softness against your skin is unrivaled. The outstanding fit only accentuates that, with ruching around the zipper that pulls the fabric in a smooth line along your body, and a dropped rear hemline for added comfort and warmth.


Altra Women’s Performance ½ Zip – MSRP $130.00

Known for running shoes made to conquer any path, Altra now brings their solution-driven innovation to apparel. Made to resist wind and cold in a lightweight package, this half zip uses ZeroLite fabric, with welded seams and a featherlight polyurethane coating to resist water. Pack it in to its chest pocket for no-fuss layering.


Mizuno Women’s Alpha Half Zip – MSRP $50.00

This Mizuno half zip offers a reliable option for days when a normal long sleeve doesn’t provide quite enough protection. Polyester fabrication provides smooth coverage to preserve body heat, and it’s easy to increase or decrease temperature with a zip neck collar and thumbholes on the sleeves.

Looking for a top but unimpressed with our picks? Check out our complete selections below.

Shop all Women’s: Short Sleeve Tops, Long Sleeve Tops, and Half Zips

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