Winter Running Socks: I’ve Got Crew Babe

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Imagine, if you will, your dear grandpapa. You can see him, can’t you? That navy crewneck sweater with a starched white collar peaking over the brim. Khaki pants that flow like the Mississippi in a storm before pancaking out over the tops of his 30 year old loafers. And look! He’s taking a seat in his favorite beige recliner. His pants rise slowly away from the shoes … and there! Underneath! IT’S … crew socks, white cotton crew socks. That haunting ghost of men’s locker rooms. Of course, crew socks are an excellent sock for running in these cold months. Their length makes them the perfect draft sealant for a pair of tights or running pants. If only there was a way to capitalize on the benefits of crew socks without having to wear a cotton sponge. Oh wait.

Modern Socks

Crew socks are moving steadily back into style and, as it would happen, incorporating new technologies that greatly benefit runners. Gone are the soggy socks of yesteryear and in their place are the moisture wicking, cushioned, accurately fitting socks of today.

Now as we move further into winter there comes the question of what socks are doing to adapt to the weather. Oh so much, dear friend, oh so much. Let’s take a look at four particular pairs that can make all the difference in your winter running.


Warmest of the Warm

On the coldest days, you want to be wearing the Drymax Cold Weather Run Crew Socks. Three layers of Drymax fiber, as opposed to the standard two, on the front of the sock pull moisture away from the skin while adding both insulation and weather protection to maintain maximal warmth.

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Warmth Without Width

If you want to stay warm but your belief system forbids the wearing of thick socks, the Mizuno BT Running Crew Sock is ideal. Breath Thermo fabrication actively absorbs moisture from the skin to generate heat while keeping feet dry for exceptional cold weather comfort.

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Warmth in Water

When puddles begin to take over the roads and trails, keep your feet warm regardless of seepage in the Pearl Izumi Elite Thermal Wool Socks. Merino wool in the fabrication improves moisture transfer away from the skin while trapping heat even after you step in that icy puddle.

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Warmth Out West

Of course, for some individuals, winter might mean wearing a slightly thicker T-Shirt. In such circumstances, a crew sock can still provide benefit by keeping tendons and muscles in the lower leg warm, which goes a long way towards preventing injury. However, because there can be flexibility with exactly how much heat is retained in warmer climates, why not make the most of your feet-suits in a pair of Stance Fusion Run Crew Socks?

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