Winter Running Accessories | Buying Guide 2016

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Some running accessories don’t get the credit they deserve. These unsung heroes of our running wardrobe are often an afterthought when we shop for running gear. Especially when it comes to winter running, chances are that you might be missing a key ingredient to your warmth and comfort.

Allow me to present a few winter running accessories you may want to add to your list this season.

Neck warmers

Beware that nasty gap that comes between your running shirt and your head. It’s the achilles heel of your upper body. That’s right, folks. We’re talking about your neck. Almost nothing is harsher than the feeling of icy cold wind, rain, or snow sneaking between your layers of protection. The best way to protect that vulnerable gap is with a neck warmer, suited for running, of course. Which means it’s got to be comfortable, moisture wicking, and breathable. The Omni Neckwarmer from Saucony can be pulled up to cover your mouth and nose for added warmth, and because it is shaped for a superior fit while in this position, you won’t have to continuously pull it back up as you run (because that would get old, fast). It also has a mesh insert that aligns with your mouth for enhanced breathability.

Shop the Saucony Omni Neckwarmer

Face masks

Wipe that smirk of your face! Oh, you can’t? It’s frozen there? What a shame. All of this could have been avoided if you had taken the time to wear a face mask along your freezing run. Your face is often neglected when it comes to coverage, but it’s time to embrace the face mask. Sure, you might feel like you could easily be confused for a burglar as you run around your neighborhood in the dark, but that’s nothing a highly reflective jacket can’t fix! (When is the last time you saw a swindler in an ASICS Lite-Show Jacket? Oh right, never.) The Thermopolis LT Hood provides full protection – it covers your head and your whole face, leaving only a gap for your eyes. Hey, your face skin will thank you!

Shop the ASICS Thermopolis LT Hood

Arm warmers

“But why wouldn’t you just wear a long sleeve shirt?” says your super annoying know-it-all friend. Don’t listen to them. They’re probably not that great of a friend, anyway, if they aren’t supportive of your winter running apparel choices. You know what you want, and you know exactly why you want it. Arm sleeves provide you with the versatility that long sleeves don’t. They’re easy to take off while on a run and stow away if you no longer need the coverage. The Nike Lightweight Running Sleeves provide secure warmth and coverage, whilst wicking away any sweat as you perspire.

Shop the Nike Lightweight Running Sleeves


As the age-old saying goes, “When you buy a Buff, you buy 14 Buffs.” Okay so that’s not really an age-old saying, but it gets my point across. The most versatile running accessory in the world, the Buff, is a value piece for running if ever there was one. When it comes to winter weather warmth (and style), the Polar Buff really stands out, as it is lined with super soft, thermal Polartec fleece. Wear it around your neck, fashion it as a cap, flip it around and fold it into a balaclava… the options are (nearly) endless.

Shop the Polar Buff


Shop Neck and Face Warmers: Men’s | Women’s

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