Why Nuun Changed Their Formula

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For those Nuun fans out there, and there are many, you may have noticed a change in the way your beloved hydration product tastes. Nuun has changed the ingredients to both their Nuun Active and Nuun Energy products. Here at Running Warehouse, we’ve gotten plenty of questions and feedback about these changes, so we wanted to fill you in on what’s going on with a favorite nutrition product.

What was the change?

The original Nuun formulation used sorbitol for sweetness, whereas the new formula uses a combination of stevia and monk fruit extract. Stevia leaf extract is becoming more common in the sports nutrition world, scoring points as a natural alternative to certain sweeteners. To some, stevia can have a bitter aftertaste. As such, monk fruit has been added as a natural sweetener to balance the flavor.

The other change in the formula is the addition of dextrose, a type of sugar. Nuun added one gram of dextrose, which helps increase the rate to which the electrolytes are delivered to working muscles.

Why the change?

Nuun has been a favorite among runners for years. Its light flavor and electrolyte profile make it just work for countless runners. So why the change? In this reformulation, Nuun is looking to broaden its by using only plant-based sweeteners. The change is aimed at providing a similar taste and improved performance in a more ‘natural’ package.

This change took place several months ago, and we’ve been seeing mixed results so far. Many runners love the fact that the drink now uses only plant based sweeteners, not to mention has been certified gluten free, vegan, and Informed-Choice–Trusted by Sport Certified. However, there is a slightly different taste. We’ve heard that some runners find the new taste a little tart for their preferences, while many others still love it.

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