What to Pack For a Long Day at a Track Meet

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It’s the worst. Arriving to the meet, you settle down under the tent and begin going through your bag only to discover that most panic-inducing truth, THE PRECIOUS IS GONE! You’ve got your singlet, shorts, and shoes, but you forgot ______.

While practically every track athlete has at least one horror story about forgetting his or her jersey or competition shoes, it’s safe to say that literally everyone has forgotten a non-competition specific item at one or many points, and for a good number of people that missing piece might be just as essential to a race day routine as those used while competing. So, in an effort to keep all track athletes at their best, here’s a list of all the non-competition gear you’ll want for a long day at the meet.

Sports Drinks and Snacks

Feeling salty post-race? A little hangry, maybe? A quick fix for both ailments and the physiological disadvantages of improper fueling are sports drinks and snacks.

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Don’t be the athlete who comes home from the first outdoor meet a darker shade of red than the track. Screen up.

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Did you order a side of hash browns with that fried retinae?

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A Hat

Sweat-wicking and shade generating, this technological marvel is hands-free!

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Extra Socks

Sweat, stank, there’s no need to be rank. Maintain fresh feet for a long meet.

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A Long Sleeve

For both sun protection and warmth, a classic long sleeve is the versatile, lightweight, timeless, uncompromising, standard-bearing, magnanimous, modern-Renaissance-signifying, be all end all piece.

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Extra Sweats

Science has shown that sweaty clothes tend to be less comfortable that dry clothes, especially when the wind picks up or after the sun drops. The exact reasoning remains unclear.

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Action Wipes

No one wants to sit next to BO Barry at the post-meet meal. Not even Stinky Steve. Don’t be like BO Barry.

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