Unsung Running Heroes: The adidas Alliance II Sack Pack

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I have followed you, wherever you’ve lead
I have seen you scared and full of dread

I have sheltered you during the rain
I have sat beside you in your pain

I have seen you leap, launch, and fly
I have seen you reach your highest high

I have held you tight when you’re off track
I have never once, not had your back

I have carried that which you cannot
I am the best friend you have got

Forever and always,

Your dear Sack Pack

Easily the most underappreciated piece of running equipment, the sack pack is the unsung hero of lugging shoes. Alternatively known as a spike bag or cinch pack, the sack pack’s simple, timeless design and convenient size make it one of the most influential items in the running world.

That said, improvements can, and have, been made. Gone are the single pouched packs of our forefathers, and in their place have arisen the new, technologically advanced sack packs of today. So, even if you and that sack pack you got at the Fourth of July 5k six years ago have a relationship that rivals the connection described above, consider an upgrade. Specifically, consider the adidas Alliance II Sack Pack.

The first adaptation to note is separation. In addition to the classic central pouch, this sack pack rocks dual external mesh pockets and a single water-resistant external zipper pocket. Now your shoes don’t have to mix with your water bottle and clothes in a detestable amalgamation of the odorous. Any one or two of the three items can easily be stashed in a mesh side pocket, thereby restoring order to the chaos of your life. The second adaptation is the differential fabric used. The entire body is constructed with 600D polyester so that you don’t have to submit to the abuse of an awkwardly angled spike as you walk to the track. Throw on the fact that the zipper pocket is a water-resistant space for a phone, wallet, and keys, and you’re ready for anything. Finally, you can forget the aggressive bite of straps in your shoulder blades, as this sack pack incorporates bulky woven straps to transform that bite into a loving caress.

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