Under Armour Coolswitch Fabric Technology

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Spring is less than two weeks away, and even though El Nino may have us feeling like winter is never going to leave, as runners we should start preparing for warmer days ahead.

DSC01269When it’s cold outside, you layer up. You grab your baselayer, add in a thermal layer, and if need be, wear a protective, weatherproof layer on top for ultimate protection. But what do you do when it’s warm outside? You can only shed so many layers. How can you amp up the cooling properties of your running apparel?

Under Armour is taking cooling to the next level with a fabric technology that enhances the cooling sensation you get when you sweat. While you’re running and you begin to perspire, the crystal like pattern on the inside of the Coolswitch fabric activates, drawing heat away and cooling your skin at the same time.

Coolswitch can currently be found in the Under Armour Men’s Coolswitch Run Singlet and the Under Armour Men’s Coolswitch Run Short.


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