Ultimate Direction Groove Series Running Hydration Belts

Running hydration can be tricky because, like many things in running, it isn’t a one size fits all situation. Many things come down to personal preference, and what is one person’s favorite belt may rub a different runner the wrong way.


Ultimate Direction just rolled out a new series of running hydration belts, the Groove Series, and we are carrying two of them at Running Warehouse. The Ultimate Direction Groove Mono and Groove Stereo Belts are similar in features and style, but provide a different quantity of storage. The Mono offers room for one 500mL body bottle while the Stereo offers room for two 500mL body bottles, among other additional storage. These Groove hydration belts are designed to help you easily get into your “groove” while running, and they are built to solve some issues common to runners.

No buckles.

UD_groove_mono_belt_2Ultimate Direction removed buckles from the equation in their Groove Series to prevent the uncomfortable chafing situation that buckles often cause. When you’re running hard out on the trail, the last thing you need is a hydration belt that is rubbing you the wrong way. And even something that may feel like a small discomfort at first could turn into a huge pain as the miles add up. Both the Mono and Stereo Ultimate Direction belts are constructed with Velcro for a secure, adjustable fit. Also note that this not your run of the mill Velcro, either. This is Velcro that won’t catch and ruin your favorite tech tee.

Less sloshing = less movement.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 9.13.16 AMMany runners shy away from belts because of the bouncing that occurs while running. The cool thing about the body bottles designed for these belts (included with the Stereo belt but not with the Mono) is that they help to minimize the bouncing affect that creates movement as you run. As you drink from the body bottle, you remove water without adding air to replace it. Think of it like a capri sun – as the water volume decreases, the size of the vessel decreases as well. Without a volume of air in your water bottle, your water will slosh around much less. And with less sloshing, you will find less movement of your belt up and down. This is not only more comfortable, but will keep you from fatiguing sooner.

Body bottles are more comfortable.

Again with the body bottles. Body bottles, as opposed to hard water bottles, conform to your body more as you run and don’t poke in or push against the side of your body. This helps you keep your mind on your run and also helps prevent early fatigue.


The Groove belts come with a thematic graphic EQ print pattern that is also reflective, providing you with extra visibility for your low-light runs.


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