Trail Butter: All-Natural Whole-Food Energy for Running

Trail Butter

“Just as the goodness of Trail Butter depends on the healthiness and balance of its ingredients, life also is at its best when there is a balance between work and play.”
– Brad & Jeff Boggess

The Trail Butter Story

It all started with two brothers and a passion for the great outdoors. Jeff and Brad grew up in the Sierra Nevada mountains where they loved to stay active. Years later on a great journey across the globe via riding and sailing, Jeff made a life-changing discovery when he combined leftovers from various snacks (peanut butter, nuts, honey, dried fruits) into a single jar in favor of efficient storage. Though at first this concoction had no name, he knew one thing – that this tasty mixture gave him a much needed boost of energy. Later, his brother and business partner Brad helped him sum up his perfect invention with the name “Trail Butter“.

11539610_881534218586792_8887586460418132839_nSo, Why Trail Butter?

All-natural? Check. Made with whole foods? Mmhmm. Delicious? You bet. But what exactly makes up “Trail Butter”? A triple nut blend of almonds, peanuts, and hazelnuts creates the buttery base, while dried fruits, seeds, honey, and oils are added, perfecting this tasty mixture with nature’s own energy packed foods. According to reviewers here at RW, Trail Butter is nice and salty, but not too salty, has a great consistency (not too thick) and only requires a little kneading before eating. As Juli, our resident Product Knowledge Coordinator put it, “It was so refreshing to eat something savory after only gels for most of my run.”

Eat it on the run. Eat it on some crackers for a convenient snack. Eat it on bagels, with fruit, spread on bread… the possibilities are endless. Healthy, energy-rich, unprocessed food, Trail Butter is perfect for longer events because it is made from natural foods that provide longer-lasting fuel. As Trail Butter states on their website, “Real food, like Trail Butter, provides us with a longer lasting, slower-to-digest fuel, that can curb hunger and provide a mental and physical boost necessary to complete long events. For most of us mortal endurance runners, we are running at a pace that allows greater blood flow to the GI tract, which increases the ability to digest real food during an ultra endurance event.” One important fact to note, however, is that because Trail Butter only supplies 8g of carbs per serving, you’ll need to be prepared with additional fuel if you are running an endurance event.

Enjoyable at any distance, we’re pretty stoked to be carrying Trail Butter here at Running Warehouse.

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