‘Tis the (Running) Season: Indoor Track and Field

Rhythmic plumes of exhalation dissipate before you as your gloved hand reaches for the door handle. Sliding through the entryway, you find the sweat that had only just begun to form has already frozen. A step further and the heat of the hallway engulfs your body, leading you to begin peeling off the layers of clothing that are now unsuitably warm. Rounding a corner your ears catch the first cheers that will dominate the next hour of your life. Your sweat glands kick into overdrive and your heart moves to your throat. A deep breath pulls the moisture-barren air to your already desiccated lungs. Turning the final corner you see the raised bend, figures in full flight careening by at breathtaking speeds. The noise is deafening. As you step out of the hall and into the miniature arena your face cracks into a delighted grin. It’s time for Indoor!

If outdoor track and field is a three-ring circus, indoor track and field is a one-ring circus with the same number of animals and acrobats competing for space; and for many athletes at this time of year, the circus is coming to town.

There are many things to love about indoor, not the least of which is the artificially tropical temperature. Being able to compete in a warm and wind-free environment makes for optimal competition conditions every time; and unlike an outdoor meet, it only takes a small crowd to make an indoor meet mind-numbingly loud. Then there’s the track itself. Whether it’s flat, banked, 180m, 200m, 300m, or some other oddity, tearing around the bends is always exhilarating. And sure, no one enjoys a five minute bout of track hack, but it’s an easy price to pay for an environment that rivals a Stones concert in the ’70s. Well, at least one that can feel that way when you take center stage.

From all of us at Running Warehouse, we wish you the absolute best this indoor season. May your training go well and your PRs be smashed! As an aside, if you happen to be in need of some additional layers for those frigid warm ups and cool downs or a pair of spikes to scream around the turns in, please feel free to browse the collections below.

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Will has been running competitively since high school, and is currently running with the HOKA Aggies, a post-collegiate club here on the central coast of California. With a preference for the humorous and the verbose, he enjoys playing the wordsmith almost as much as his daily runs.

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