The Runner’s Holiday Gift Guide 2016

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Some people have reached an expert level of gift giving. You know the type – they’ve had their perfect holiday gifts picked out for all their family and friends for months now. In fact, most of these presents are already wrapped and under their tree, which has been up in their living room since well before the socially acceptable time.

We can’t all be that person. Many of us struggle to find nice, meaningful gifts for our loved ones. And even if we feel like we are decent gift givers, there comes a time when your mind just goes blank. What in the world to get so-and-so this year?

Lucky for you, your loved one is a runner, and we can help you find a bomb diggity gift that will leave them asking, How did you know?! Our team of experts created categories to help you narrow down your seasonal search.


The Everyday Runner

You’ll find items to delight pretty much anyone who runs. These gifts are perfect for those who put in their weekly mileage, whatever that may be. This category is a fail safe, because who doesn’t need a snazzy new half-zip, or a pretty new pair of leggings?

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The Racer

The podium seeker, the competitive runner, the serious athlete – what the heck to buy for these guys, am I right?! Well, we’ve got a wide assortment of flashy new singlets, crazy printed split shorts, high quality short tights, as well as nutrition and therapy products to keep them moving at lightning speed.

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The Trailblazer

What to buy the self-proclaimed dirtbag? Clothes that stand up to the rugged environment in which they run, accessories that prove useful for longer excursions, and nutrition to keep them fueled – we’ve got you covered.

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Staff Picks

Curious about running product that we are crazy about? Here are some of our personal favorites (tested, and approved) that we think would make super awesome holiday presents.

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Stocking Stuffers

Just because they are small doesn’t mean they aren’t important! These gifts are perfect for when you just need a little something – or for filling up the stocking of a running enthusiast. They will make all the difference in your runner’s life!

Shop the Stocking Stuffers Guide for Men | Women


Gift Cards

What can you do when you haven’t the faintest idea of what your runner wants? It couldn’t be simpler – give your loved one the gift of choice: a Gift Card. It always fits.

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