The New Balance 1260 v4 Takes on a Sleek New Look

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New Balance 1260 v4; M 11.0oz, W 9.6oz, 8mm offset, $145*

Amidst all the lightweighteye-catching, performance oriented trainers and racing shoes slated for a summer 2014 release, there are a few new maximum support trainers that will make their way onto the feet of many runners as well. Though perhaps not as sexy as the many sleeker and lighter footwear options becoming available, the New Balance 1260 v4 is definitely a shoe that will cause people to rethink this admittedly traditionally drab category.

Like in its predecessor, the 1260 v4 sports an 8mm offset, putting it in line with competitors like the Brooks Transcend and the Saucony Hurricane. We’re finding that 6-8mm is a sweet spot for many offset-conscious runners who want something that allows for a more efficient stride.

A new tech to watch out for in the 1260 v4 is what New Balance calls “Post Applied”, in which the supportive medial post is molded independent of the rest of the midsole, then applied post-molding process. Get it? The result is a more consistent density in both the midsole and the medial post, offering more reliable support and a smoother ride.

Other changes in this update include a move to a slightly softer upper mesh for a more plush feel, as well as the use of a more oblique toe shape, which should provide a better fit. Aesthetics-wise, the 1260 v4 takes on a faster look, thanks to an increased toe-spring and the usage of louder colors. Those looking to address their moderate to severe overpronation yet wish to stray away from a bulkier-looking shoe should definitely take notice.

*Specs provided by New Balance

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