Supportive Sports Bra Buying Guide: For All Shapes and Sizes

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Sports bras need to come with warning labels about the importance of proper fit and support. I didn’t get that warning until a little over a year ago, and that’s a big bummer for my Cooper’s Ligaments. I hate to make anyone panicky, but wearing the proper sports bra for your activity level and breast size is crucial for keeping your ladies perky in the…yeah, long run.

Thinking you might need to go sports bra shopping? Here are a few tips:

  • Running is high impact, so buy a sports bra built for high impact activity. Yes, that may mean you don’t get that really beautiful strappy back, but that also means you don’t get saggy boobs. I guess it’s up to you…
  • Whether you’re trying to prove to your friends that you really are a size _____ or you refuse to admit that your cup size might be a little bigger than you were aiming for in life, buying a sports bra designed for your band and cup size is essential. I refused to admit that my favorite sports bra was too big for me and my long run taught me a painful lesson. Don’t be like me; buy the sports bra that actually fits!
  • Look for encapsulated sports bras that offer a compressive fit. Encapsulation cradles each of your ladies while the compression keeps them from jostling around. Sounds pretty great, right? Trust me, it is.

For those of you wanting a little more guidance, here is a sports bra buying guide of our favorite supportive sports bras (for ALL shapes and sizes):

Sporting Little Ladies (A/B Cup):

  1. Brooks Rebound Racer Bra. I like to call this one the baby Juno bra as it mimics the design of the Brooks Juno but caters to smaller girls. Stable, comfortable, supportive…perfect.
  2. Brooks Uprise Crossback Bra. Support from the crossback and style from the scoop neck, this baby offers molded cups to cradle the girls while you’re focusing on the miles ahead. You can’t go wrong here.
  3. Brooks Juno Bra. Brooks built this one for women of all shapes and sizes who are looking for ultra-support. With adjustable straps, molded cups, and breathable mesh lining, this is a go-to for someone wanting to get it perfect on the first try.

Sporting Mid-Sized Ladies (B/C Cup):

  1. Brooks Juno Bra. Oh hey, back again…yeah, the Juno bra falls into all of these categories because it is designed for all boobs, large and small. Its mission is to support your ladies no matter what (and oh yes, it certainly does).
  2. Brooks Fiona Bra. This one is known for comfort and support. Built with molded, encapsulated cups; adjustable straps; and a wide band, this one is going to keep your babies supported for any distance.
  3. Oiselle Gifted Verrazano Bra. Stylish, supportive, soft, and oh so Oiselle, this beauty is a step up in Oiselle’s sports bra game. Combining compression and encapsulation, this baby is soft and supportive all at once.

Sporting Large and In-Charge Ladies (D-F Cup):

  1. Brooks Maia Bra. Stepping it up a notch for women who need maximum support and stability, the Maia incorporates molded cups, a higher neckline, and an underwire to keep your ladies as supported as possible.
  2. Enell Sport Bra. This one pulls out all the stops to reduce movement and keep your ladies in check while you’re on the run. The thicker straps distribute weight to provide maximum comfort and support while the front clasps lock down the girls for the miles ahead. As I said, Enell pulls out all the stops with this one.
  3. Under Armour Eclipse High Zip Bra. Wide, adjustable, and comfortable crossback straps combine with encapsulated, molded cups for ultimate support. The Eclipse High Zip is designed with moisture-wicking and ultra-soft fabric…did I mention that it’s beautifully stylish? Hands down a winner in our book.

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