Staff Picks From Our October Apparel Sale

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When you go out to eat, there’s always a safe order, food that you know you’re going to enjoy. But there’s also that dish you haven’t tried, the one that sounds like it could be great. All you need is a little extra incentive to try it. The same is true of running apparel. We all have clothes that we know will perform well on the run, but there’s that one piece that you’d like to try out if you had the chance. Well, we can’t really give you any additional reason to try the Chef’s Special, but we can offer an incentive to try out a new style of running apparel. From October 11th to the 18th we’re running a 35% off sale on select apparel items. We won’t pretend to know what you have in your wardrobe, but there are certainly some items that you haven’t tried yet, and there’s no time like a sale to give something new a whirl.

With that said, here’s five women’s and five men’s items from our sale. You might just find the next great addition to your training wardrobe.


Brooks Women’s Chaser 3” Short – Standard running shorts are great, but a luxurious pair with comfort focused features is something else. Sale Price $29.90

New Balance Women’s Perfect Printed Tank – Running doesn’t have to be strictly business, and adding a little fun to your training attire won’t hurt anyone. Sale Price $29.24

Saucony Women’s Dash Seamless Long Sleeve – It might seem unimportant, but there is something special about seamless tops. The fit and feel are just right, and if you haven’t tried one, you owe it it yourself to give it a shot. Sale Price $44.20

CW-X Women’s Stabilyx Tight Bk/Rainbow – Compression has been shown to enhance recovery and performance. Just saying. Sale Price $71.50

Lucy Women’s Arise and Align Pant – Not every run should be fast, but they can all be comfortable. Lightweight, breathable running pants are an everyday winner. Sale Price $51.35


Mizuno Men’s Inspire Tee 2.0 – We see a lot of runners wearing cotton tees, and we don’t want to dis the wonderful fabric, but technical tees can be pretty nice on a hot day when you’d rather not carry your sweat with you. Sale Price $17.55

New Balance Men’s Accelerate Graphic Singlet – It isn’t every man’s preference, but for those who have never raced in a singlet, we suggest giving it a try. A full range of motion is quite the feeling. Sale Price $19.49

adidas Men’s Adizero Split Short – Everyone should have at least one really nice dress shirt for special occasions. Similarly, everyone should have at least one really nice pair of split shorts for special occasions—or races. Sale Price $35.75

CW-X Men’s Performx Tight – As was noted in the women’s picks, there is science behind the benefits of compression. No time like the present to experience them for yourself. Sale Price $48.75

ASICS Men’s Boxer Brief – If you haven’t tried run-specific underwear but you have experienced the horrors of chafing, you may want to give them a go. Sale Price $16.25

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