Staff Pick: Nike Women’s Printed Epic Lux Crop


It was love at first… hold.

When it comes to tights, I’ve been around the block a time or two. And don’t judge me, it’s part of my job. I try on tights and write about them in order to give our customers a clearer picture of what exactly they are looking at before a potential purchase. Sometimes it really feels like I’ve seen it all. It becomes a chore to try to think of how each tight stands out when they start to feel… similar. Now don’t get me wrong… we sell an amazing variety of tights here at Running Warehouse. If you’re looking for tights, you are bound to find your tight soulmate amongst our comprehensive stock of high-performance running tights. But let’s just say, when I tried on the Nike Women’s Printed Epic Lux Cropped Tights for the first time, I realized that I never knew what “hold” really meant.

It’s like falling in love. Not the “love” you thought you had with your middle school crush. Not the “love” you feel towards Adam Levine. Not even the “love” you may feel in relation to a warm, fresh apple fritter. This is the love that you feel when you just know. When you realize you never knew what love really meant until this moment. You know that this is right, this is “it”, and that your running life will never be the same again.

nike_epic_lux_crop_2Middle school crush vs. Epic Lux

Your middle school crush was sweet, but not dependable. At times, he would pass you a note that made your heart flutter. Even enough to have you doodling your name with his last name all over your 5th period Chemistry binder. But where was he when you were at the Winter Dance? Hanging out with his buds and totally ignoring you. Welp, not so with these Nike Epic Lux Crops. So sweet, and so dependable. And by dependable, I mean that these things are going to last. Made with that super soft, incredibly supportive, next-to-skin comfortable Lux fabric that Nike has nailed, this is a quality crop.

nike_epic_lux_crop_6Adam Levine vs. Epic Lux

Adam Levine is smokin’, but I’m sorry to break it to you… he is never going to hold you. First problem: he is married. And have you seen her? Ugggh. Second problem: do I even need to say it?! It just ain’t gonna happen, honey! But unlike Adam, these Nike Epic Lux Crops are seriously smokin’ with a print that looks hottttt on body, AND they will provide you with the kind of hold you need to feel to believe. These crops aren’t just eye candy, ladies, they are tights that will be there for you and provide you with hold that eliminates that jiggle supports you where you need it most.

nike_epic_lux_crop_3Donuts vs. Epic Lux

It’s not wrong of you to love a fresh apple fritter. It’s warm, straight from the donut shop, and calling to you from that pink box of temptation. And what is life if we can’t live it a little? Treat yo’ self, girlfriend! But here’s the thing… apple fitters will love you back in all the wrong places. A love affair with a donut may leave you feeling a little tighter and more muffin-toppy in those cute new jeans. And here’s when the hero enters the story! The Nike Epic Lux Crops will help you pull in that tummy pooch and flatter your beautiful curves, with or without your post-donut bloating. Seriously. These crops rise high enough on my waist to keep things tucked in where they belong, and from mid-calf to mid-waist, my figure is flattered, my curves are smoothed, and my shape is enhanced.

So am I in love? Yes. There is no doubt in my mind. My tight game is forever changed.


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