Staff Pick: New Balance Women’s Ice Graphic Tunic


I’m picky when it comes to running tops, and arguably, most runners are. It has to fit right, feel right, and look right — oftentimes I find myself settling for 2 out of 3. However , when I stumbled upon the New Balance Women’s Ice Graphic Tunic, I found a match made in running tank heaven.

That fit, though! My hips don’t lie, and as advantageous as that is when a Shakira song comes on, it leaves me in an annoying place when it comes to the fit of my running tops. Sometimes shirts that are too snug around my hips and shimmy up to my waist during my run. The fit of this NB tunic is perfect; it’s just loose enough to fall over my hips gracefully while providing full coverage as I run. The scalloped hemline also allows the tank to sway with me as my hips move. Because of the tunic styling, the back drops to cover a little over 50% of my bum, and when I’m wearing my running tights or shorty shorts, I appreciate that. Any longer than that and I feel like I’m wearing a dress or a much taller girl’s shirt. Any shorter than that and I feel exposed. Beautiful and vibrant on a run and sporty-stylish paired with jean shorts, this tank fits me for a wide variety of occasions. I love the versatility! I’m a runner of the “running for fitness” variety, so I often look for stylish pieces that carry me comfortably from run to coffee shop.

Emma Coburn wearing the NB Ice Graphic Tunic

Emma Coburn wearing the NB Ice Graphic Tunic

Other standout features? The antimicrobial fabric is a real plus and helps me stay fresh for longer, which is advantageous for my post-run smoothie date. UPF technology built in helps to protect my skin from the sun’s harmful rays on a beautiful summer day, and the cool-to-the-touch NB Ice fabric just feels so wonderful next to my body as it wicks moisture away. OH, and Emma Coburn wears it. So there’s that. (Fangirl much?)

Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway), I purchased this piece in both colors.

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