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SmartWool wanted to create a new running sock that fits so well, you will forget you’re wearing it. They wanted to create a sock that is so reliable, you’ll never leave them at home when you go out on a run. They are proud to introduce the new PhD® Run sock collection, coined their “best-fitting, most durable run socks ever.” So, let’s take a deeper look into the SmartWool PhD Run collection and see what makes up a sock design of such a grand ambition.

Merino Wool

Thanks to Mother Nature, Merino wool has a long list of beneficial properties that runners (along with sheep) can utilize and appreciate. This wool naturally wicks moisture away from the skin, releases water into the air by evaporation, and keeps the skin dry and cool. Wool is also strong, resilient, quick-drying and resistant to bacteria build-up and odor.


Image: SmartWool

Run Specific Design

One of the key developments in this line is Light Elite cushioning, a new design that places targeted cushioning where runners need it most­–on the ball and heel of the foot. It minimizes impact on the descents and slippage in your shoes during the climbs, delivering optimal shock absorption with minimal in-shoe volume.

Gender Specific Fit

One size doesn’t fit all. But more often than not, men’s and women’s socks are made on the same last (mold), meaning that the fit is not customized for the appropriate gender. SmartWool has created a women’s specific fit, made on a new last with an anatomically adjusted design. The narrower heel pocket fits a woman’s foot more accurately, reducing the chance of rubbing, slippage and blisters.

Improved Ventilation

SmartWool increased ventilation in this line with new body-mapped mesh zones. Men and women sweat differently, due to variations in the placement of sweat glands on the feet. The mesh zones in the PhD Run socks are placed right where men’s and women’s feet tend to run the warmest, and in gender specific patterns within those zones. This provides optimum ventilation where each gender needs it most.

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“We’re a company that’s passionate about running. We run in the snow, in the rain, on the road and the trail. We run 5Ks and 100Ks. And we take that passion we share and bring it to life in our products.“ -Smartwool

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