Should You Cross-Train?

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If you want to run harder and race faster, you need to run more… right? Maybe. But sometimes when you increase your running mileage or intensity too much you increase your risk of getting injured. Linzay Logan over at Competitor magazine has found that creative cross training is the key to improving performance and sidestepping overuse injuries, and we’d agree.

Cross training can help you reach peak performance without sidelining yourself with too much heavy mileage. When you engage your muscles in activities beyond running (like cycling or swimming) you strengthen the smaller support and balance muscles throughout your entire body, which gives you a superior level of base fitness.

Engaging in a variety of exercises will help prevent overuse injuries that can occur when you do the same exercise day in and day out. Since doing new and different workouts can result in more muscle soreness at the beginning, we like to pamper our muscles post-workout with the I-Knead Medium Massage Roller or the Moji 360 Mini Massager.

Don’t be afraid cross training will only consist of monotonous hours on a stationary bike… get creative! While prepping herself for an upcoming marathon, Logan even found a way to cross-train in the snow. Read the full article here.

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