Running with Your Kids

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You love running, and you love your kids, so why not share you passion for the sport with your little ones? Running with your children can help you build a strong bond and can teach them to develop healthy habits that will last them a lifetime. Here are a few tips for successfully running with kids of all ages.

Let Them Choose

While it’s important to teach children consistency and discipline, avoid trying to force them to run with you when they just don’t feel like it. Doing so can make running feel like a chore, which will quickly squash their enjoyment of the sport. You’ll have more success if you simply invite your kids to join you on your run, and have fun while you’re on the roads or trails.

Pace Perfect

If one of you has some serious running goals you’re working towards, it might be hard to match your pace to your child’s pace. Running strollers are a great way for infants and toddlers to accompany you on your run and young children can join you on a bike while you run. They’ll probably get a kick out of their important role if you call them your pacer. Or, hit the track to allow you and your child to run together, but at your own paces. Share a few warmup laps before you get going, and a stretching session post-run.

Pump It Up!

Your kids will likely match your enthusiasm when it comes to running (especially if they’re younger). Tap into their playful spirits by engaging their imaginations on the run. You could be superheroes chasing down the bad guys. Or Indiana Jones careening through the jungle. You get the idea. Stoke the fire a little bit and then play along with whatever your kiddos come up with. You’ll be surprised how much fun you have.

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