Running on Snow and Ice: Yaktrax

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As runners, we roll with the punches. Rainy? We’ve got rain gear to keep us dry. Hot as heck? We’ve got short shorts and crop tops. Sub zero temps? We’re crazy, but we make it work with our thermal jackets and tights. But what about when there’s snow, and ice, and more snow, and more ice?

yaktrax_1I’m not sure I would call this the “best texture for running”, and if you watched the video above, it’s pretty clear that Chelsea wouldn’t agree with that statement in retrospect, either. Hey, hindsight is 20/20, Chelsea, and we won’t hold it against you. Let’s face it, when it comes to winter running, we need something to help us gain better traction. Enter, Yaktrax. These strap on accessories attach to the bottom of your running shoes, providing added traction in snow and icy conditions so you can safely enjoy training outside during the worst conditions.

What are Yaktrax?

Made with high strength natural rubber, steel coils, and removable carbide spikes, Yaktrax help you gain traction as you run on snowy, icy surfaces. A forefoot plate also helps prevent snow build-up on your shoe as you plow down the road, and with a secure adjustable Velcro strap, formed toe, anatomical design, and removable toe strap, Yaktrax will stay put on your foot.

In what conditions are Yaktrax useful?

Yaktrax are to your running shoes as snow chains are to your car’s tires. They are beneficial for running in snowy conditions and on icy roads. They are not designed for deep snow (hello, that’s what snowshoes are for!) or for running across frozen lakes.

Are Yaktrax running specific?

There are a variety of models of Yaktrax, designed for different activities in the snow and ice. The design of the Yaktrax Run version that we carry at Running Warehouse is specifically built for running. Designed to fit over running shoes, the dual plate forefoot construction with flex groove design provides enough flexibility in the forefoot while also preventing snow build up. Carbide steel tips on the forefoot plates (three in each section) provide excellent traction.

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