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There are so many nutrition options out there for runners to choose from, which can lead to confusion or the tendency to just stick to your “old faithful” method of nutrition instead of branching out and trying something new. This is why we want to bring your attention to VFuel. It’s not new, but it’s awesome, and if you haven’t heard of it, here’s the low down on why you might want to give it a try.

Made by Ultra Runners

One of the best ways to ensure a product will be made with your needs in mind is to choose a product made by the consumers themselves. An endurance gel made by endurance runners is a sure fire way to come up with an amazing product. VFuel decided to fulfill the three requests that endurance athletes have of their nutrition; taste, quality, and performance. All three. After several years of research, testing, and field use, VFuel was developed.

Natural Flavoring

VFuel uses only all natural flavors in their gels. That means no additives, no synthetic blends, just ingredients like pure vanilla, organic natural peach flavor, cinnamon, and real cocoa powder go into the various flavors of VFuel. As they state on their website, “no frills”.

Easy to Digest

vfuel_mountainberryDigestibility is one of the major issues when it comes to energy gels. Many energy gels use both a simple and complex carbohydrate source because the body uses these two types of sugar differently. Simple carbs digest more quickly while complex carbs take more time and yield more consistent energy. The complex carb most often used in energy gels (and also in VFuel) is maltodextrin, but it’s the simple carb that they pair it with that makes VFuel different. Most gels use fructose as the secondary, simple carb to pair with maltodextrin, and VFuel uses dextrose. Why does that make a difference? Glucose is the easiest sugar for your body to digest. Because fructose is a little more work to break down, it has been linked to GI distress in some athletes during strenuous activity. Dextrose is two glucose molecules, which is a little easier for your body to use, and more predictable for most athletes.

We tested it

At Running Warehouse, we love being able to try product ourselves so that we can better serve our fellow runners. A few years back, Erik (RW Footwear Buyer) and Tera (RW Retail Manager) performed a 30-Day trial with VFuel, and we can confidently say it stood up to our expectations.

VFuel Endurance Drink

We also carry a VFuel Endurance Drink Mix in addition to the Energy Gels, which is designed to help you stay hydrated and energized on your longest runs. Like the energy gels, the endurance drink is easy to digest, and comes packed with sodium and potassium electrolytes to help you replenish what your body has lost.


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