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The word “picky” has a bad rap. Think about it for a minute – what’s so wrong with being picky? It really just means that you know what you like. Maybe discerning is a better word for it. And there’s nothing wrong with feeling self-assured in the kind of nutrition you want to consume.

The only problem with being “picky” is finding nutrition that suits your needs and fits your “picky” profile. Enter Picky Bars – a company on a mission to create a bar built for selective consumers, with a foundation in nutritional science, personal experience, and everyday athlete love.


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“It’s freaking science, dude.” If you take a minute to look up what goes into these bars, it’s more than just one of those “real food” bars. It’s also a 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein, built to give you a better absorption of nutrients for activity and recovery. Getting into the nitty gritty macros, you’ll find 15% protein, 25% fat, and 60% carbohydrates, which works well for hunger control and comfortable digestion on the go. Gluten, dairy, and soy free ingredients also make it great for those with dietary restrictions. The mix of fruit, seeds, and nuts provides nutrient diversity, and with select carbohydrate sources, you’ll find sustained energy and a more level blood sugar level – no crash. Whole foods and natural ingredients ensure that you’re eating the real deal with nothing mysterious and hard to pronounce added in.


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It all started with a craving. A craving for a real food bar that works before, during, and after workouts, made with real food and wholesome ingredients that are easy to digest. Jesse Thomas, pro triathlete and husband of Lauren Fleshman, wanted a solution, but most bars on the market were either performance bars (made with complicated, processed ingredients) or real food bars (that aren’t balanced for high performance). Pro runner Lauren Fleshman worked up a solution in her own kitchen, and it caught fire. She and Jesse teamed up with friend and pro marathoner Steph Bruce, a runner with celiac disease and a shared need of a “pickier” bar.  And just like that, a company was formed and a mission established.


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Image courtesy of @pickybars on Instagram

A bar for the people, by the people. Why use stock photographs of athletes and food when you can crowd source from your own customers? The super cool Picky Bar wrappers feature photos of Picky Bar lovers, doing the activities they love, through an Instagram hashtag submission – #lifepoints. Keeping their focus on the athlete’s they are fueling, Picky Bars is bent on serving up wholesome, effective bars, and we’re on board with that.


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