Review: Champion Women’s Marathon Bra

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You may look at my small size and think, this girl does not need to worry about sports bras for running. You know, less that moves around, no big deal, right? WRONG. Let me tell you, no matter the size, running still can take a toll on the ladies. And I didn’t even realize how much movement I was experiencing until I really locked it down with a solid sports bra. It’s like you don’t know how bad it was until you see how good it can be, you know?

Enter my hero, the Champion Marathon Bra. It’s prefect for a smaller silhouette and yet it doesn’t discount my needs just because of my tiny stature. I’ve worn other bras that were purely “compression” (and I put that in quotes because I’m not convinced any compression was really happening at all) and they provided me with moderate hold… But this bra showed me what it really means to feel securely held and supported while running. No movement. Running fast, running slow, the twins stayed in place. Yep, I am sold.

MarathonM7403 Embossed-01The adjustable straps allow for an accurate fit that accommodates ladies with different proportions, and the straps themselves are infused with gel to prevent them from digging in to your shoulders. The breathable fabric feels lightweight and features Vapor Technology, which is built for efficient moisture-management. In other words, it helps you stay dry and cool on the run by pulling your sweat away from your body and also increasing air flow through the fabric. The bra is constructed with a built in hidden inner support structure (which gives it that amazing hold without looking bulky). Style-wise, this bra is super cute in back and has simple lines that will look great under any running top, and with bonded seams you’ll find chafe-free comfort and a minimalist look for sleek, understated style.

So, you may be wondering if this bra will work for your size. The Marathon Bra will provide high-impact support for A, B, and C cups. Which is great news for a variety of sizes and shapes, and ladies who prefer compression style bras to encapsulated models.


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