Reflective Running Apparel: ASICS Lite-Show

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I know I’m not alone when I say that I’ve had more than a few close encounters with vehicles in my time as a runner out on the roads. And the common theme? The vehicle just plain didn’t see me. Whether it has to do with distracted driving or just the fact that it is dark out, placing blame on the driver will only get us so far. Because we can play that blame game all day and night and it won’t keep us any safer.

Instead, let’s be proactive and find ways to be more visible as we run. We’ve talked about highly reflective shoes, and we’ve discussed Nathan headlamps that are made specifically for running and provide illumination for the path ahead of you. High visibility apparel is also prevalent throughout the brands that we carry. ASICS does a particularly good job with their Lite Show collection in providing a variety of options that offer 360 degree reflectivity. Their high visibility apparel pieces have been around since the Lite-Show line was first introduced in 2012. Part of what makes the Lite-Show collection different is the way it looks during the day – normal. The reflective tape looks like a normal contrasting stripe until the lights are low.

The Men’s ASICS Lite-Show Running Apparel Collection provides you with options for both cool and cold weather, so no matter the conditions you can ensure you’ll be seen and safe. The Lite-Show Long Sleeve 1/2 Zip works on a brisk morning run or chilly late night run, and the Lite-Show Winter Jacket will get you through the cold days that keep most people indoors. The Lite-Show Winter Tight is the perfect option to light up your legs while keeping them warm through the fall and winter months.

The Women’s ASICS Lite-Show Running Apparel collection allows you to choose between a range of pieces to keep you highly visible. From the crew neck Lite-Show Long Sleeve Top on cool days to the Lite-Show Neck Long Sleeve‘s mock neck design for cooler days, you’ll also find the Lite-Show Winter Jacket option for the coldest days. The Lite-Show Winter Tight is sure to keep your legs warm and provide extra visibility with a reflective stripe down each side.

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