Product Spotlight: Gore Women’s Air Lady 3/4 Tights


Holy waistband, batman. It’s quite a first impression when you look at the product images. In fact, the maternity-esque style turned me off at first glance. But after trying it on, let me tell you — I’m a believer. The thin material feels like a barely noticeable second layer of skin as it stretches over my curves, smoothing anything resembling a muffin top, and giving me a flattering profile even on days when I feel less than slim. Tights leave nothing for the imagination when it comes to form, and these provide an enhanced shape that minimizes your perceived flaws.

Other notable features include a generous zippered pocket at the left quad, which will hold my gel, ID, and house key securely. The mesh panels behind each knee give this lightweight 3/4 length tight a more breathable feel (if that’s even possible!). The fabric is stretchy and supportive, but not smothering, and my legs don’t feel like they are trapped in sausage casings (girls with muscular legs and a curvy bottom-half, you feel me!). With flatlock seams, it’s easy to forget that I’m not wearing lounge-wear. No, my friend, these are my running tights. High-performance and highly flattering.

Get it, girl: Gore Women’s Air Lady 3/4 Tights, MSRP: $69.00

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