Product Spotlight: Dump that Lacrosse Ball for a Pro-Tec Orb Extreme

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Breakups are never easy. The delicate blossoms of new love are withered, and the once ripe fruits of companionship have gone sour. A dry and unforgiving heat has fractured the soil and laid barren the fields in which you once frolicked. But how? You were sure that this would be the relationship to last. You had something great, something special, something that only the two of you could ever create!

Closer inspection and honest reflection, however, finds that something was missing. A crucial sealant was left out of the construction process, and the same slow advance of time that led to your pairing has pulled you apart, much like a leaf floating downstream that becomes only temporarily entwined in the branches of an overhanging willow before it is carried onward the inexorable pull of the current. Oh well, perhaps you will never find that perfect self-massage partner. But, it’s also possible that your perfect partner is closer than you think.

Here are three reasons to dump your lacrosse ball, baseball, and/or softball to get with the spheres that can really oil your gears: the Pro-Tec Orb Extremes.

1. Size Options

Lacrosse balls (~2.5 inches in diameter), baseballs (~2.8 inches in diameter), and softballs (~3.8 inches in diameter) come in a variety of relatively similar sizes. The problem with these options is that certain muscles, such as the hamstrings, require a larger diameter to really get at the muscle. With a 5” and a 3” option, Pro-Tec Orb Extremes can hit more muscles in a meaningful manner than a boring old baseball/softball combo. If unconvinced, please continue to reading.

2. Tiny Bumps

Tiny bumps on a Pro-Tec Orb Extreme generate a greater amount of myofascial release, which means faster muscule recovery than a flat surface. It’s simple, but highly effective. More bumpy = more better.

3. You’re Still Here?

For serious? If you actually need another reason, here goes: it has “Extreme” in the name.

Shop the Pro-Tec Orb Extreme Mini and the Pro-Tec Orb Extreme 5”

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