Product Spotlight: Brooks Women’s Streaker Capri


Crazy patterns are as trendy as they are polarizing. Some women love the boldness and eye-catching nature of a unique print, while others would rather not stand out quite so much. These capris feature a happy medium, well suited to capris made by the “Run Happy” brand: a stripey, gradient design that adds a stylish flair to a running outfit without being too in-your-face. Presenting the Brooks Streaker Capri.

nullNext to the beautiful colorways and fun print design, these Brooks capris also feature all the necessities required of a running capri.

  • With DriLayer Adapt fabrication, the feel of this stretchy material is so natural against the skin. It contours in a way that will fit and compliment a variety of body shapes, and provides a secure, tight hold.
  • A wide, flat waistband is flattering and provides a secure hold around the waist.
  • Within the inside back of the waistband is a bonded pocket, perfect for small items, like keys or a gel. The sleek design is ideal and does not irritate your skin.

nullMake it an outfit

The Brooks Women’s Go-To Tank is that basic tank that you want to wear all the time. Good thing we carry it in three different colors that just so happen to complement the three colorways we are carrying in the Streaker Capri. Find the match for your capri of choice, or mix it up with a contrasting color, and you’re all set.

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