Product Spotlight: Action Wipes for Running

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Sometimes runners smell. Bad. Action Wipes are here to help with that. Because it’s not our fault if we smell bad, we work hard to log our daily miles whenever and wherever possible, and that doesn’t always allow us to take a much needed shower to freshen up.

Curt Van Inwegen is a Partner and founder of Life Elements, Inc., and Action Wipes is their innovative solution to help keep us runners feeling fresh even when we can’t shower. Life Elements’ products are free of harmful chemicals, ethically sourced, cruelty-free, AND made in the USA. So you can feel good about using Action Wipes – it’s a good product with good brand behind it.

Oh, and one more thing – they’re our neighbors here at Running Warehouse. Okay, not like next-door neighbors… but they are based out of a neighboring city, Atascadero. How cool is that?

I asked Curt a few questions over email, and he answered, filling me in on some interesting facts about Action Wipes.

_MG_3548What inspired the creation of Action Wipes?

My wife, Martha, has a background in aromatherapy, and her grandmother taught her all about essential herbs and oils – how they worked and what was good for the body. So she created the product and it was originally part of another product line that she was selling to spas and resorts. We found out that people were using this really premium package of wipes to clean up in-between workouts and taking them camping and to Burning Man. We rebranded the product as Action Wipes and launched them at the Wildflower Triathlon, where they were a huge hit.

How long have Action Wipes been around?

We launched at the 2008 Wildflower Triathlon and were really just a very small one-product company that Martha was running out of a spare bedroom. We were profitable but realized we needed to scale in order to grow, so we licensed Action Wipes in 2012 to a fitness company. But that deal fell apart after issues on our partner side, so they returned the brand back to us (in shambles) and we were off of the market for all of 2014. We re-launched last year and the company is back in our control, stable and doing extremely well.

_MG_3552How are Action Wipes different from other wipes?

The quality of our wipe material and ingredients are superior. The Action Wipes formula uses premium natural ingredients like Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and Coconut Oil, which all have naturally anti-bacterial properties that help to clean your body without chemicals, alcohol, perfumes or parabens. No other body wipe has a sudsing action that helps break down and lift the dirt, bacteria, and funk off your body. Additionally, our fabric is designed to hold the moisture and is strong enough so you can really scrub your body and won’t pill up on rough or unshaven skin. And it is safe for the ENTIRE body… just start at the top and work your way down, front to back… not the other way around. :)

Word on the street is that you can use these wipes if you have a run in with poison oak/poison ivy. Do tell.

Trail runners and ultra runners love the Action Wipes Single Pack because it is a multipurpose body tool. They are light and easy to stash in your pocket or running pack and can be used to clean and disinfect cuts, bites and rashes. And… we know Action Wipes help reduce the effects of Poison Oak, Ivy and Sumac. In fact, we field tested the process and wrote a blog about it a long time ago ( There is science behind those statements, too. Tea Tree oil has antiseptic, antifungal, and drying properties. Eucalyptus contains menthol, which helps numb the itch and cool down the inflamed skin. Coconut oil has incredible anti-viral properties. All three of these ingredients in Action Wipes combine to help reduce or eliminate the toxic components of Urushiol oil, which is what causes the nasty rash.

How do the wipes hold up? Are Action Wipes reusable?

Part of the value of Action Wipes is the fact we use real fabric that helps hold the moisture, allows you to really scrub (to get you cleaner) and won’t leave little white fuzz balls all over your beard or rough skin. The durability becomes an environmental discussion as well because it means you can launder Action Wipes and repurpose them for everything from shop rags to makeup removers or even recharge them with our Action Wipes ReCharger – just add water and a shot of our recharger powder and your laundered or rinsed Action Wipes are good to go again and again.


Thanks, Curt!

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