Pro and Con: Running Alone

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All alone!
Whether you like it or not,
Alone is something
you’ll be quite a lot.”
– Dr. Seuss Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

As the good doctor notes, we are alone on a fairly frequent basis. Sure, for better or worse the interconnected nature of the modern day may make it feel like we have constant companions, but the core question remains: do you like it or not? This Pro and Con-versation pits the opposing viewpoints against one another in the noblest form of combat, the eloquent discourse.

Con: Hey, do you want to go for a run?

Pro: No.

Con: Oh. Okay.

Pro: Sorry, it’s not you. I just prefer running alone.

Con: Uhuh. That’s cool I guess.

Pro: Do you always run with other people?

Con: I mean, not always, but I like it way more.

Pro: Don’t you like being able to do your own thing though? I feel pressured when I’m with other runners.

Con: I definitely feel the pressure, but I think it’s a good thing. It helps to run faster and farther than I want to at times. It makes me a better runner.

Pro: Eh, I just find it distracting. I prefer being able to focus on my run. Also, when I run with other people we always end up in the way of someone else, which is just annoying for everyone involved.

Con: That’s just it though. Having other people around keeps me from focusing on how I’m feeling. The distraction is freeing.

Pro: Getting lost in my own thoughts is my freedom. I need the mental release of exercise to gather myself and prepare for further interactions with humanity.

Con: Alrighty then, so I’m guessing that talking things through on a run with a buddy doesn’t do that for you.

Pro: Why would it? A buddy cannot fathom the depths of my soul.

Con: Oh, of course, because we are all shallow ponds to the Mariana Trench that is your psyche.

Pro: I mean, duh.

Con: What about the encouragement and help that a running partner can offer?

Pro: What about the dismay that arises as they pull away with effortless grace?

Con: Those negative feelings are on you. It could just as easily be a positive. Having a training partner incentivizes getting out and running, wouldn’t you agree?

Pro: No. My drive is internal. Extrinsic motivation is for the weak.

Con: Regardless of your fortitude, there’s also the aspect of safety. If something were to go wrong on the run, running alone takes away the support system provided by others.

Pro: Life is a challenge that we must face alone. Self-reliance is the only way to live.

Con: But it is the connections that we form with others and the aid that they provide that make life more enjoyable. Only through collective effort are we able to achieve our full potential.

Pro: Said the sheep to the wolf.

Con: Said the group of arms bearing humans to the bear, you mean?

Pro: Collectivism is dead. Forge your own destiny.

Con: What if I run the same route as you but just a few minutes ahead so that I know someone is coming if anything goes wrong?

Pro: Sure, that could work.

Con: You’re going to take a different route, aren’t you?

Pro: Absolutely.

Con: I need different friends.

Pro: I could afford to lose one.

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