On Trend: Prints in Women’s Running Apparel

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Prints have never been hotter in women’s running apparel. And the best part? There are so many different prints to choose from. Here at Running Warehouse, we are all about getting you running in whatever style suits your fancy, and we also want to keep you on top of trends as they come and go. Prints are definitely trending, and there really is something for everyone.

Types of prints

lole_print_topIn-your-face prints. You know, those capris that are just so ugly they’re hott. That top that clashes with everything so it goes with everything. Fashion doesn’t always make sense.

Lole Women’s Engaging L/S Top – This is loud, that’s for sure. So loud, that you probably love it, don’t you?

Knit-in prints. Seamless is the new black, and knit-in prints/patterns really enhance the deliciously comfortable look of the fabrication. The design is often more subtle than more traditional prints, but sometimes you want subtle.

Oiselle Women’s Juno Tights – If you look closely you will see the subtle pattern on these seamless tights.

saucony_wom_long_sleeve_reversNon-print prints. Stripes and polka dots. Why is this a “non-print”? Well, it’s more of just a pattern… but it is still worth mentioning while talking about prints because these patterns have been around forever and aren’t going away anytime soon.

Saucony Women’s Swift Long Sleeve – Reversible – This is the perfect example with both polka dots and stripes. AND it’s reversible.

janji_india_LSStylish prints. Animal prints are a prime example of a lifestyle look that’s being used a lot in running wear. So stylish, why wouldn’t you wear it on the run?!

Janji Women’s Long Sleeve India – There’s no denying the fierceness of this long sleeve top.


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