Oiselle Spring Running Apparel | Buying Guide 2017

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This is not a drill. I repeat this is not a drill. Oiselle’s spring collection is here, and we want to buy all of the pieces. ALL of them.

But since we are huge Oiselle fans here at Running Warehouse (but I mean, who isn’t, tbh), we figured we would mention a few standouts that we think are worth your notice.

If you already know what you want, get it girl: Oiselle Women’s Running Apparel

Oiselle Women’s Kabuki Tank

Kabuki Tank with Roga Short

Cuter on than you’d imagine, the Kabuki Tank is soft, breathable, and flattering. The keyhole back lets a bright and cheerful bra add some pop to your look. With its super lightweight design, the Kabuki will get you through your hottest spring runs, though you’ll probably be caught wearing it to the beach with your favorite cut offs.

Shop the Oiselle Women’s Kabuki Tank – MSRP: $50.00

Oiselle Women’s Cleo Tank

Cleo Tank with KG Shorts

Jacquard mesh across the top and back, the Cleo is beautiful and breathable. The soft, brushed nylon is buttery soft in front. And you just can’t argue with that gorgeous orange pop of color. The color blocked design is very fashion forward, and a slightly dropped hem in back provides you with a little added coverage.

Shop the Oiselle Women’s Cleo Tank – MSRP: $50.00

Oiselle Women’s KG Short

Sleek and comfortable, the KG Short is a standout for a few reasons. First, the waistband. It’s wide, and soft, and helps minimize that uncomfortable dig-in that a lot of short fitted shorts are prone to. Second, the color. The charcoal color is beautifully heathered. Third, that POP (or should we say, Snap?) of orange adds that little extra stylish flair that is oh so Oiselle.

Shop the Oiselle Women’s KG Short – MSRP: $54.00

Oiselle Women’s Two-Timing Tank

Two Timing Tank with Roga Track Pants

Two-timing? What’s in a name? Well, it seems as if Oiselle’s design team thought: What if you could wear your shirt forwards OR backwards? What if the front was one style, and the back was another style? It’s basically two styles in one. GENIUS. The only question we have now is, why has no one thought of this sooner? Oh and don’t even get me started on the print. Adorbs.

Shop the Oiselle Women’s Two-Timing Tank – MSRP: $50.00

Oiselle Women’s Smash Tank

Smash Tank with Summer Roga Shorts

Smashing, darling. Simply smashing. Okay, so you might be skeptical about the mesh insert and asymmetrical design, as I was when I first saw this tank. But let’s just say, after trying it on myself, I can tell you – this style is beautiful and soft, and the design details only enhance the “I really could wear this all day” factor. With a subtle print and a comfortable neckline, this racerback is one for the books.

Shop the Oiselle Women’s Smash Tank – MSRP: $54.00

Oiselle Women’s Summer Roga Shorts

These might be called the Summer Rogas, but you’ll probably be finding yourself wearing them all year. The fit feels a little more accommodating than the OG Rogas, and that Roga waistband we’ve all come to love feels just extra soft for some reason. The colorways are on point and will have you wearing these for extra summer vibes. These shorts are a must for your spring (and summer) running wardrobe.

Shop the Oiselle Women’s Roga Shorts – MSRP: $52.00

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