Nike Pegasus 33 Review: Comparison with Pegasus 32


The Nike Pegasus 33 adds Zoom Air to the forefoot but the shoe feels the same.

33 (L) | 32 (R)

Outsole: 33 (L) | 32 (R)

On paper, the Pegasus 33 seems to be a major update to the previous version. The biggest change is a Zoom Air unit added to the forefoot. The lateral outsole grooves have gotten deeper and the forefoot outsole pattern has been changed. Two other grooves have changed as well. The heel groove to allow for lateral release at contact has been moved from the lateral side of the heel to the medial side, while the lateral midsole groove is shaped in a downward slope rather than being parallel to the ground as it was in the Pegasus 32. All of these changes would appear to change how the shoe rides. That being said, on my foot, I cannot feel a difference.


Midfoot Volume

The ride of the Pegasus 33 has a balanced feel between firm and soft. It has enough give so you don’t feel beat up with everyday use but not so soft as to sap your speed when increasing effort. With all of the changes to the flex grooves, I thought the shoe would feel more compliant on the lateral side. The Zoom Air in the forefoot could have increased a sense of energy return. Regardless of said changes, it feels the same to me.

There is one apparent change and that is in the fit. There is more volume in the midfoot. This additional volume is located from just in front of the heel collar through the top three Dynamic Flywire loops. Unless you have a really low volume, narrow foot, the change in fit should not be an issue. The forefoot fit and heel fit seem identical to the 32 and the overall fit is a true medium. I still hear people saying Nike has a narrow fit, but most of their current shoes have a universal medium fit and the Pegasus 33 is in line with this trend.

In conclusion, the Pegasus 33 is giving you more of the same. More Zoom Air, but same feel. More midfoot volume, but same forefoot and heel fit. The shoe performs best as daily trainer with range for uptempo work and comfort for long days.

Pegasus33Mens Pegasus33Womens

Men’s Nike Zoom Pegasus 33 | Women’s Nike Zoom Pegasus 33


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