NCAA Brings Back The Mile

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Yours truly breaking the 4 minute barrier.

Runners come in all shapes and sizes, with an equal variety of talents and passions. Our admiration for the accomplishments of these runners is equal across the spectrum.

We do not feel the same about all race distances though. Specifically, we believe that the mile is a superior distance over the 1500m, and vastly superior to the 1600m.

To our delight, the NCAA has decided to eliminate the 1500m from its outdoor track and field championships, to be replaced by the mile.

We have been supporters of the Bring Back the Mile movement from the beginning. This is a great moment in that movement, but the work isn’t done yet. Every high school state track and field championships in the United States include a full mile.

The kid in all of us, young and old, should know what its like to run an all-out mile.  That booty-locked, seeing-stars, can’t-breath feeling just isn’t the same unless it’s a full 1609 meters … and the sweet reward is being able to tell your friends that, “my fastest mile is #:##.##” and not “my fastest 1500m or 1600m converts to a #:##.## mile.”

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