Mizuno Wave Inspire 10 Sneak Peek

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To pull a metaphor from one of the other sports Mizuno serves, the company hit it out of the ballpark on the Men’s and Women’s Wave Inspire 9. The shoe delivers an excellent fit, smooth ride, and responsive toe-off, not to mention an attractive assortment of colors for both genders.

So the brand has big shoes to fill (man, we’re on fire with the overused metaphors today) when launching the new Wave Inspire 10 this November. Big news is the switch to a new midsole compound (called U4iC) and an ounce of weight reduction on both the Men’s and Women’s models.

What to Watch For

  • New Midsole Cushioning: Mizuno’s U4iC midsole compound is 30% lighter than traditional foams but is still designed to provide the same cushioning and smooth ride that Inspire fans expect.
  • Lighter Weight: According to Mizuno, the Men’s Inspire 10 should clock in at just 9.0 oz, with Women’s at 7.6 oz. That’s amazingly lightweight for a daily trainer.
  • Redesigned Wave: The redesigned Fan Wave plate provides a touch more support than the current model.
  • More Platform Updates: A blown rubber outsole takes the place of heavier rubbers used previously, but Mizuno testing has found this new compound to be just as durable. In addition, a beveled edge on the lateral forefoot helps to provide a smoother transition and toe-off.
  • Fresh Upper: The seamless design of the upper features a geometric print inspired by the clean, simple works of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian.


Release Date
December 2013

Men’s Colors
White/Black/Red Mizuno Wave Inspire 10
Black/Yellow/Blue Mizuno Wave Inspire 10
Red/Black/Blue Mizuno Wave Inspire 10
Blue/Silver/Red Mizuno Wave Inspire 10

Women’s Colors
White/Black/Aquarius Mizuno Wave Inspire 10
Slate/Aquarius/Aurora Mizuno Wave Inspire 10
Aurora/Black/Aquarius Mizuno Wave Inspire 10
Aquarius/Black/Aurora Mizuno Wave Inspire 10

Men's Wave Inspire 10 White/Black/Red

Men's Wave Inspire 10 Black/Yellow/Blue

Women's Wave Inspire 10 White/Black/Aquarius

Women's Wave Inspire 10 Dark Slate/Aquarius/Aurora

Women's Wave Inspire 10 Dark Slate/Aquarius/Aurora

Men's Wave Inspire 10 January Colors

Women's Wave Inspire 10 January Colors

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