Mizuno Wave Hitogami Sneak Peek

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The Wave Hitogami is an entirely new model from Mizuno. In Japanese, hitogami means Human Gods – clearly what we all are when we are racing at our peak.

But what Mizuno giveth, Mizuno also taketh away. The Hitogami is the replacement for both the Wave Musha and Wave Ronin, two popular racing shoes that have built up a pretty good sized fan base over the past few years.

What to Watch For

  • Lightweight: We measured samples at 8.0 oz for a Men’s size 9 and 6.6 oz for a Women’s size 8. That’s a bit heavier than the current Musha and Ronin, but still pretty dang light.
  • Platform Measurements: We measured a 9mm offset with 23mm/14mm heel/forefoot stack heights. That slots right in between the Musha and Ronin, with the same overall offset.
  • New Cushioning Compound: Mizuno’s new U4ic midsole foam provides lightweight cushioning and replaces AP+ across almost all of the company’s 2014 line.
  • Neutral: Though it is technically replacing the Musha, the hitogami does not offer pronation support. The supportive options for race day are getting slimmer and slimmer, but runners who need a touch of support will still have the Asics Gel DS Racer, Saucony Fastwitch and Brooks ST 5.
  • Kabuki Theme: If you put the left and right shoes together so their laces touch, you’ll see the face of a kabuki theater performer. This isn’t just a neat design trick – Mizuno wanted to drive home the point that when you are racing, you can become someone else (like kabuki performers do in their makeup).

Release Date
January 2014


Men’s Colors
White/Black/Cyber Yellow Mizuno Wave Hitogami
Black/Cyber Yellow/Electric Mizuno Wave Hitogami

Women’s Colors
White/Blue Depths/Aurora Mizuno Wave Hitogami
Electric/Olympian Blue/Cyber Yellow Mizuno Wave Hitogami

Mizuno Wave Hitogami Women's Running Shoe

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