Men’s Transitional Apparel Buying Guide, Fall 2016

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Fall is a very dynamic season. You have warm days, you have cold days, and you have those in-between days when you really have no idea what to wear. Here are a few of our top choices for this transitional season, based on the weather that’s thrown at you.


It’s a little too cold for your favorite running shorts, but still too warm for those thermal winter tights. Choosing a lightweight long sleeve and 3/4 length tights is a great option that will help take the chill off.


The adidas Men’s Response Long-Sleeve Tee and Mizuno Men’s Helix Long Sleeve are both prime examples of a lightweight long sleeve that provides you with a layer of mild warmth. As far as 3/4 tights are concerned, the adidas Men’s Supernova 3/4 Tight is a solid go-to.

Light Rain

If it’s not pouring, you don’t need a coat that’s seam sealed. You want something that breaths well and helps keep the moisture away from your skin. Full-length tights will also help keep moisture away from your skin and keep you feeling warm and protected.


The Saucony Men’s Omni Sportop is built with thermal stretch fabric that provides exceptional moisture management, pulling moisture away from your skin to keep you dry on your run. The outer layer will take on some water, but you will still be comfortable. If you’re looking for a water-resistant barrier, the New Balance Men’s Lite Packable Jacket is ideal, as it’s ultra lightweight construction won’t weigh you down, and is easily packed away if the rain clears up. The Saucony Omni Reflex Tight is unique in that it provides you with thermal warmth and moisture-management, and also increases your visibility to motorists with its reflective print.


Practically speaking, it’s not a wind storm outside, just breezy enough to irritate you. Here you’ll want a shirt with wind resistance, because a windproof jacket is too heavy-duty for the conditions. A running tight with thermal lining will also help block out the breeze.


When it comes to wind-resistance, the Mizuno Men’s BT Windtop HZ is a great option, as the wind-resistant panel in front will really help block out that brisk breeze. The half zip feature is available if you need more ventilation, and the stretch panels at the underarms and sides help prevent you from overheating. The Sugoi Men’s MidZero Tight is a warm protective layer that will help shelter you from a frosty breeze.

Changing Conditions

Changing weather is the name of the game, as the fall season features some of the most unpredictable conditions you’ll face all year. Not only that, but if you’re running mountain trails or going for long runs, you have a greater risk for changing weather. You want something that easily packs away or transforms based on your needs.


Both the Pearl Izumi Men’s Elite Barrier Convertible Jacket and the Sugoi Men’s Versa Jacket have arms that detatch, converting them into running vests. Simply pack the arms away in the zippered pockets and you have increased ventilation if the weather heats up or the rain lifts. The Patagonia Men’s Houdini Pants are on when you want them, and disappear when you don’t. These packable pants are great for keeping you warm when you need them and easily pack into their own pocket for easy carrying when you don’t need them.

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