Men’s Spring Trail Running Apparel | Buying Guide 2017

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It’s a recurring theme in many of our posts, but on the off chance that you haven’t picked up on it just yet, we LOVE trails. Cooling breezes, crunching gravel, vibrant colors … it’s enough to make a person weep for joy. Not that we do that or anything. We’re just saying that it could happen.

In any case, having the right apparel for the trails is a good way to avoid weeping for the wrong reasons. So let’s build you a spring trail outfit from the bottom up.


Shop The North Face Men’s Better Than Naked Split Short 3″

If you’ve got the need for speed but prefer singletrack to the inside lane, this is your short. A long rear stash pocket with openings on both hips can quickly stow apparel while a smaller zipper pocket and stash pocket can carry a phone, nutrition, and other small items. If you’re looking for more, check out that healthy split.


Shop the Patagonia Men’s Strider Pro Shorts 5″

Breathable mesh, a DWR wind and water resistant finish, Polygiene® anti-microbial treatment, a rear zipper pocket, and four waistline stash pockets is a list of words. If you think about what the words in that list mean though, you’ll be hard pressed to find a short that compares.



Shop The North Face Men’s Better Than Naked Long Haul 7

12 pockets. That’s right. 12. If wearing a pack isn’t your thing, these shorts are. They don’t even have to be comfortable, but they are. It’s ridiculous, in the best possible way.

Pants and Tights

Shop The North Face Men’s Flight Series Warp Capri

Whether it’s worn over or under, you’ll be ready to tear trails asunder. This plush, brushed capri has targeted ventilation for the optimal mix of warmth and breathability, thereby facilitating maximal performance on race days and every day in between.



Shop the Salomon Men’s S-Lab Hybrid Pant

Waterproof paneling on the front and breathable, elastic paneling on the back are clear indicators that this pant is designed for running and running only. Slap on an articulated knee, a gusseted crotch, and laser perforations in high heat locations for a pant that practically runs for itself.


Shop the Patagonia Men’s Windchaser Sleeveless Tee

Set your arms free and fly* along the trails in ultra light comfort. With Polygiene® anti-microbial treatment, this sleeveless is ready for repeat adventures.

*This top will not allow you to fly in a literal sense, although it might feel that way at times.


Shop The North Face Men’s Better Than Naked S/S

Sure, running around naked sounds like a fantastic time. However, the moisture dispersing capabilities of a technical tee add chafe and sun protection as well as a healthy spread of evaporative cooling. So, why not try out the technical tee that was designed with the freeing feeling of nudity at heart?


Shop the La Sportiva Men’s Sonic T-Shirt

For a tee with a little more, the Sonic is the way to go. A half length zipper and mesh side panels deliver ample aeration while Polygiene® anti-microbial treatment keeps things fresh. To take it one step further, designers snuck in a stash pocket to the left hip.


Shop the Brooks Men’s Cascadia Jacket

Adaptable and packable, this jacket is made for trail runners that are carrying a pack or vest. The back panel has extra room built in that works in concert with the elastic bands along on the fully-split sides to deliver both breathability and flexibility when pulling it on or off. Plus the fabric is waterproof. So yeah.


Shop the Salomon Men’s S-Lab Hybrid Jacket

Avoid stopping for every change in the weather with the jacket that can be stored or pulled on without breaking your stride. Waterproof front and hood paneling keeps rain at bay while the three-quarter length zipper allows the jacket to be rolled downward and stashed underneath the mesh waistband when the clouds clear. The hood also features an internal headband for a bounce-free fit and laser perforations along the underarms for ventilation. The scary thing is all of that tech weighs in at 90g or 0.198 lbs. What the what?

If your appetite for trails has just been wetted click here for even more top-tier trail gear. 

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