Lace Garage: A Favorite Trail Shoe Feature

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A favorite shoe feature here at Running Warehouse is the “lace garage”, the stretch mesh pocket located at the top of the tongue of some shoes. Lace garages are most commonly found on trail shoes. Reason being, you don’t want your laces catching on something.

ASICS_FUJILYTE_LacesBeyond the practical nature of keeping shoelaces secured and you upright, lace garages help keep the laces clean and the shoe tidy. Additionally, if you have narrow feet, which results in excess lace length, it’s great to tuck the laces up and out of the way. I sometimes tuck my lace ends under the shoe lacing to keep them out of the way, but a lace garage is so much cooler.

Another benefit of the lace garage is the laces are less likely to come untied when tucked away. And it simply makes the shoe look better.

So today, we are putting out a call to shoe brands requesting the inclusion of lace garages. And not just on trail shoes.

Running shoes with lace garages:

Men’s Salomon Shoes | Women’s Salomon Shoes

Men’s ASICS Trail Shoes | Women’s ASICS Trail Shoes



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