Key Differences Between Epson’s ProSense GPS Running Watches

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Epson recently released five new ProSense GPS watches, and whether you’re new to the GPS watch game or a tech-savvy veteran, reading through the specifics of each watch can be a wee bit intimidating (unless you’re a gear head and doing intensive research is your idea of a fantastic Friday night, in which case, right on!) Here at RW, we plunge into the depths of the technological descriptions for each product that we carry in order to create our product descriptions. So, since we’ve already learned all about these watches, we figured we could share our summaries and the key differences that we found between each of the ProSense models.

ProSense 17: The entry-level watch in the ProSense lineup is the 17, and we say entry-level only for the fact that this technology-packed watch has fewer features than the remaining four. GPS watches have advanced to the point that today’s entry-level watches are like advanced extraterrestrial technology compared to the watches of a few years ago. In addition to GPS tracking that records distance, time, speed, and calories, the 17 has Bluetooth connectivity that can receive notifications from your smartphone, automatically upload workouts, and even control your music. For durability, the watch is also water-resistant to depths of 50m, and the 13-hour of battery life in GPS training mode lets you get several runs in before recharging.

ProSense 57: Next up the totem pole is the 57, which includes all the same features as the 17 with the addition of an optical heart rate sensor. By adding heart rate tracking, the 57 can provide data on your VO2 max and your body’s recovery rate. The battery life is still 13 hours with just the GPS running, but only 10 hours with the heart rate monitor active.

ProSense 307: Jumping another rung, we have the 307. With all the features of the 57, the 307 adds tracking features for swimming, cycling, and indoor workouts as well as increased storage. The swim metrics include lengths, distance, pace, heart rate, stroke type, and stroke rate while the cycling metrics include distance, speed, heart rate, and elevation change. For the multi-sport athlete, the 307 is where it’s at.

ProSense 347: From the 307 to the 347 we see just one change, but what a change it is. With both GPS and heart rate tracking on, the battery life of this watch is a stunning 46 hours. That’s right: 46 hours. You can lose your charger and buy a new one before the battery runs dry.

ProSense 367: At the top sits the 367. You might wonder what more could be added at this point. The answer: sapphire glass. For ultimate durability, this scratch-resistant glass ensures that your watch can withstand any adventure.

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