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Janji (pronounced john-jee) means “promise” in Malay. This unique running apparel brand features hip, fashionable pieces that can stand up to the demands of your run. With a technical fabrication and the some of the softest fabric around, Janji really pulls off what only some brands dream of – running apparel that is very wearable. SO wearable, that you might find yourself wearing it all the time, on and off your run.

But what’s even better about Janji? Janji is a company created with the idea of giving back. The idea of enhancing the lives of others. “Promise”, if you will.

Water is an element necessary to sustain life and keep us hydrated as runners. But what about the parts of the world that lack access to clean water? This was heavy on the minds of Mike and Dave, soon-to-be founders of Janji, as they ran the 10k at the 2010 NCAA Division III Outdoor Track and Field Championships. It was the hottest day of the year, and yet along the track they found clean, cool water stations available to keep them hydrated as they ran.

Run for Another is Janji’s motto behind their mission, helping to provide clean water to areas of the world where such a commodity is scarce. What if they could connect runners like themselves to help support clean water initiatives throughout the world? Each piece of Janji running apparel that you purchase contributes 10% of the revenue to supporting clean water projects in countries of need, allowing you to fund solutions and raise awareness for the global water crisis during your everyday training. Pretty neat, right?

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