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As runners, we tend to surround ourselves with stats. We break down our goals and achievements based on time, pace, distance, and we race the clock to meet these daily benchmarks we’ve set for ourselves. PRs, marathons, ultras … there’s always a new target on the horizon that we set our sights on.

Janji wants us to shift our vision. What if running was about the journey, not the stats? What if we ran to discover new places? What if we used running to become nomads, wandering about this beautiful earth as we run, in search of adventure, exploration, and discovery?

Nomadic Running

This is the idea of running without boundaries. Running through space, not time. Running to explore the world around you while also exploring the world within you. Running with curiosity and spontaneity by forgoing your standard route for a new direction. Running without your GPS watch observing the present moment instead of your timekeeper. Nomadic running means that each time you lace up, you shift your focus on learning something new about your surroundings. By abandoning the hotel treadmill while traveling, you can abandon yourself to the opportunity to connect with the culture and meet new people. Nomadic running is as much a state of mind as it is a new approach to your run.

The Peru Collection

Janji’s “Run for Another” slogan grabbed our attention from the get-go, as they encourage runners to put their money towards the philanthropic cause of supplying clean water to a country in need. (Curious about Janji’s clean water project? We wrote about it here: Janji Running Apparel – Run For Another)

This season, 10% of every Janji apparel piece sold funds clean water projects in Peru.  Running Warehouse is pleased to announce the arrival of this fresh new collection, abounding with vibrant colors, unique prints, and eye-catching styles.

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