Introducing Osprey Hydration Packs

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The term Osprey conjures up three things. The first one is a glorious sea-bird, with a wingspan of nearly a yard, born to hunt and to strike awe upon any onlooker. The second, an airplane-helicopter hybrid that is clearly one of the most incredible flying machines to grace the skies, also striking awe upon any casual observer.

The third just might be the most awesome of the three, especially if you’re a runner like us. While they may not be able to achieve flight, we think Osprey hydration packs are nothing short of impressive.

Those of you who supplement your running with other outdoor activities such as mountain biking or climbing are likely familiar with Osprey, whose packs have been helping outdoor athletes stay hydrated for some time now. The brand is making its emergence into the running world with the Rev series, a collection of streamlined packs designed specifically for those who like to stride out on the trails.

One of our favorite features on this pack is one of the most simple. A magnetic attachment allows the hydration tube to remain affixed to the front of the pack for easy access. It’s one of those things that you wouldn’t think you needed until you tried it – it sure beats having your hydration tube bouncing around and being difficult to catch.

Have the need to be textin’ on the run, or perhaps a need to take a quick peek at your Strava app to see where the next segment starts? This pack has you covered. A DigiFlip media pocket on the shoulder strap features a allows you to access your touchscreen without even removing your phone. Just, you know, look out for rocks and stuff. And we don’t condone texting while running with your friends, or the next time you may find yourself running alone.*

The twin sternum straps are fully adjustable (and even removable) to optimize weight distribution and to keep the pack from bouncing around on your back. We found these packs to be very comfortable, so much so that you could almost forget that you’re wearing them while running – though not to the point where you forget to take a sip when thirsty.

We at Running Warehouse are proud to add Osprey to our fantastic lineup of running accessories, and currently offer two models from the Rev collection. The Rev 1.5 is a lightweight version capable of carrying essentials, while the Rev 6 has a extra storage capacity for longer bouts on the trail. Both packs come equipped with a 1.5 liter bladder, though the Rev 6 also features a stretch mesh pocket on the strap that can hold an additional bottle if you need it.

If you’re the kind of trail runner that likes to stay hydrated on your runs (that should be ALL of you), we think checking out Osprey will be well worth your time. We’re pretty sure you will find yourself stricken with awe with these sweet packs.

*You know what, in almost every situation you’re better off paying attention to your run, not your phone. Trust us.

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