Inexpensive Ways to Stay Safe on the Run

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Part of the beauty of running is its minimalist nature. In a vacuum, the only thing needed is a single human body. There’s no ball, net, bat or other violent implement that has been domesticated for sport. It is just a simple, fluid, repetitive series of motions. Of course, in reality it’s nice to have a pair of shoes, shorts, and maybe a top; but we were in a vacuum.

Perhaps as a result of this reality, running and frugality tend to be highly correlated. Unfortunately, thrift is frequently used as an excuse for lackadaisical safety. So, in an effort to combat this unfortunate trend, we combined the time old tradition of the shoestring budget with staying alive to highlight items that can greatly improve running safety without compromising a pay check.


While not a necessity for running (Props to Chaz Davis and all visually impaired runners) sight can be very helpful in avoiding splaying yourself over the road or trail when running in the early morning or evening. A surefire solution is a decent headlamp, and with 90 lumens at $19.95 the Black Diamond Gizmo can shed light on roads and trails alike.

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Be Seen

Similar to sight, being visible is also helpful in avoiding being splayed over the road or trail. We seriously can’t get over how versatile and simple the Amphipod Flash Dot LED Reflectors are, and at $16.95 for a 2-Pack, well, you should probably buy them before we do. Just clip them on any bottom or top instead of purchasing specific high-visibility pieces.

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No Slips

For many, winter months mean snow and ice, but it shouldn’t mean the end of outdoor running. If you’ve got a trail that stays decently packed in the winter, Yaktrax have the traction to keep you ripping through the winter. This wicked equipment is severely under utilized, and as the author can attest, the main issue with Yaktrax is not knowing that they exist. At $36.00 for a pair, buying a set is worth the money saved on a gym membership as well as the cost of therapy needed to get over the trauma of running on a treadmill for three months.

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No Fear

As modern day explorers, runners may encounter large mammals (occasionally of the Homo sapien variety) that can be a little bit less than friendly. When such meetings occur, or even might occur, having a method of self defense is a major attribute for safety and peace of mind. A lightweight and easy to use option is Runner Defense Pepper Spray, which stores 35 one second bursts for $11.95.

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No Pain

It’s a painful subject, but chafing is quite possibly the worst. And yet, it is both simple and inexpensive to keep chafing to an absolute minimum. For less money than the cost of all the adhesive bandages needed to cover, and re-cover, chafing scales, one 2.7 oz stick of Run Guard Anti-Chafe for $13.00 will have you gliding through runs.

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