How to Select Women’s Running Shorts

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One look at our huge selection of running shorts and you might have the same initial reaction that I did: how can there possibly be so many different types of running shorts? Why are there so many different features?

Once you delve into how certain features could benefit your running, you may look at shorts shopping differently. Knowledge is power! And when you find that short that compliments your needs so perfectly, you’ll be glad you read this.


Here are some of the features that running shorts may contain along with a brief explanation of why you may want this feature in your new pair of shorts. Our goal is to provide you with some tips on how to select the best pair of running shorts to suit your needs.

27604_f12_team_p60d.psdInseam length determines coverage of your legs as well as your freedom of movement. A shorter length allows for optimal range of motion, while a longer length provides added coverage and protection. Typically, competitive runners go with a shorter length for increased mobility, but length choice often comes down to what you are comfortable wearing. Lucky for you, we personally measure the shorts that we bring into stock, so you can rest easy knowing the measurements you read on our website are accurate!

DEF13_PI_Run_0966Split shorts come with slits up the sides that provide your legs with a greater range of motion. Splits come in 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 lengths so you can choose the amount of freedom you want. The higher the split rises, the wider the panels of the shorts open up, allowing your legs to move freely. Scalloped or contoured hems also allow for increased mobility too.

Waistband width affects comfort, security, and fit. The wider waistbands provide a flattering silhouette that smooths your profile with no discomfort from dig-in. A thinner waistband is a more minimal design for less coverage. Most shorts also come with a drawcord within the waistband for an adjustable fit.

Liners are a feature of most shorts. They are constructed with lightweight, breathable fabric that is designed to wick moisture away from your skin. Liners also help to prevent your skin from chafing in uncomfortable places, and they allow you to wear your shorts sans underwear. Because we have ALL been on that run when your undies bunch up in such ungodly ways. Never again are you forced to deal with that.

13899534973_9b93ba2390_oFitted shorts provide a stretchy, tight construction for a snug, sleek fit. These shorts are usually preferred for high-performance running because they allow for an optimal freedom of movement, but any type of runner will appreciate flatlock seams that keep your skin from chafing.

2-n-1 shorts are built with an outer shell short along with a fitted inner liner that provides a snug fit. Like the fitted shorts, the inner layer is constructed with a seamless or flatlock seam design to prevent your skin from chafing but you also receive the outer layer to cover you up.

Storage allows space to stow your running essentials, such as your keys, gels, bars, and even your media device. Drop pockets, internal envelope pockets, and zippered pockets are all places for you to keep your necessities so you can stay hands-free on your run. The longer your runs are, the more storage space you may need. Minimal shorts come with little to no storage and are better for shorter distances or racing.

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