High Reflectivity Apparel Buying Guide | Fall 2016

Those of us who run when it’s dark out know that the danger is all too real. “Sharing the roads” isn’t easy when it doesn’t go both ways. Chalk it up to darker conditions, stormy weather, and distracted drivers, but no matter the cause, being more visible can only help the cause of safety.

Here are some of our top Fall 2016 running jackets and tights that have prominent high visibility design features.

Best Highly Reflective Jackets



When it comes to high reflectivity jackets, these two really stand out. The Saucony Men’s Sonic Reflex Jacket has a sharp looking striped gradient print design that shines brightly in the dark. Its windproof and water resistant fabrication will stand up to those dark and stormy days. Another Saucony style, the Men’s EXO Jacket, practically glows in the dark, and amps up the weather protection with a windproof and waterproof construction. The EXO also comes with a hood for additional coverage.



When it’s light out, the Brooks Women’s Drift Shell Jacket appears like any old running jacket, with a subtle all-over print design. But when the lights go down, you’ll find that the print is super reflective, lighting you up all-over in the dark. The wind and water resistant fabrication make this jacket ideal for running in light wind and rain. The Saucony Women’s Sonic Reflex Jacket carries the same principle; the style doesn’t scream “HIGH REFLECTIVITY JACKET” until you shine a light on it. The striped gradient pattern in front and back will make you hard to ignore while running in low-light conditions. Because it is both windproof and water resistant, it will stand up to a blustery run with light rain, and the asymmetrical zipper design adds a unique, fashionable flair.

Best Highly Reflective Tights


asics_m_lite_show_winter_tightRenowned for its Lite-Show visibility line for a few years, ASICS takes the cake here with another winner: the Lite-Show Winter Tight. These tights will keep your legs warm along your winter runs thanks to a brushed interior, and visible with reflective print patterns and seams. The reflective stripes are eye-popping in the dark, and subtle in the light. The tight also has a rear zip pocket with a moisture guard liner to keep sweat away from your smartphone or your energy bar.



Chances are when you’re running in the dark, it’s also cold. These tights have brilliantly reflective features, and a brushed interior fabric to help you generate thermal warmth as you run. The Saucony Women’s Omni Reflex Tight has a fun stripey print from the knee down that lights up with reflectivity in the dark. The rear zippered pocket is perfect for storing a few small items, like your ID card, key, and even a gel. And again, with it’s Lite-Show line, ASICS kills it with the Women’s Lite-Show Winter Tight. The fun pattern at the lower leg is stylish during the day, and super reflective when the lights are low. Ankle zippers are helpful when getting this tight on and off. The rear zippered pocket is built with a moisture guard so you can store your small items securely without fear of any moisture damage.


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