Height Heaven Collection – For the Taller and Shorter Runners

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So I get the whole XS-XL naming convention for sizes, but sometimes I wish there was a way to shop for apparel based on my height and build. Why not have apparel labeled with XS-XL and also petite, regular, or long? It would be so much easier for shoppers! I look around the office, and I see women of varying heights and think, wow, it must be so hard to find the perfect running apparel. We had a chat and discovered that I am not the only one having this problem. Meet Courtney, Kaitlin, Elena, and Becky, the shortest and tallest women here at Running Warehouse. Each of these women faces the daunting task of finding running clothes that fit, so we got together and created the Height Heaven Collection, collections of each of their favorite running apparel for their varying heights and builds.

Courtney’s Collection
Courtney is a long and lean 5’9” athlete running for the HOKA Aggies who enjoys racing anything from 5k’s to marathons. Since she’s a lot taller than most, she has found that capris are generally too short and end up riding up over her knees while running. As such, she sticks to crops with longer inseams. She loves the New Balance Premium Performance Fashion Crop because of its wide and secure waistband, its longer length, its breathable mesh segments, and its storage capacity. Finding great shorts are another battle that she faces because many fit just a little too short for comfort. She loves the Brooks Chaser 5” Short because it fits like an average short with a wondrous waistband, is made of soft materials, and has lots of room to store the necessities. Similar to bottoms, Courtney looks for longer tops that won’t expose her midriff. The New Balance Perfect Tank is just long enough to fit her torso perfectly, and its ruched sides give her a lovely shape. She loves the Janji Peru Laguna Boxy Tee as well because it is not only flattering on her taller frame, but also incredibly breathable.

Kaitlin’s Collection 
Kaitlin is short, but powerful. Built at 5’1” with muscular thighs and a larger chest, finding running apparel is a challenge. Since her thighs are a bit bigger, she rocks fitted shorts – like the CW-X Stabilyx Ventilator Short – for long runs or races where she wants a no-fuss experience. For shorter runs, Kaitlin’s go-to short is the Oiselle Mac Roga Short because of its secure fit, soft fabric, and wide waistband. When it comes to wearing these shorter shorts, she says she won’t step foot outside her door without first applying Body Glide (gotta avoid the chafe). Gifted with a larger bust, Kaitlin looks for semi-fitted tops that hug her body closely in some areas for a secure fit and comfortable feel. She loves The North Face S/S Reaxion Amp V-Neck Tee because of its breathable fabric and flattering V-neck. The Nike Dry Miler Tank is her go-to for warmer weather runs where she just wants the job done.

Elena’s Collection
Elena is our in-house gazelle, standing elegantly at 5’9”. Elena describes her shopping as “picky” because of all the product descriptions that she reads before making a purchase. When it comes to bottoms she looks for crops with inseams that are between 21 and 23 inches so that they don’t ride up over her knees. She loves the Nike Power Epic Lux Crop because it is not only the perfect length, but ultra-soft as well. She also looks for wide waistbands that provide a secure fit so that she doesn’t have to adjust on the run. Her favorite waistbands are those of the Oiselle KG shorts and KG tights because they provide an incredibly secure (and adjustable) fit. As for her tops, she likes longer fitted tops with a lot of stretch so that she has full-coverage without feeling smothered. She’s also particular when it comes to long sleeves, looking for thumbholes to help keep her top in place. She’s a huge fan of the Oiselle Flyte Long Sleeve and Tank for their soft feel, technical design, longer build, and flattering fit.

Becky’s Collection
Becky may be small (5’1”), but she is a powerhouse who conquers mountains and marathons like it’s no big deal. Becky buys shorts with an inseam length between 2.5 and 3 inches and a side split because they give her legs enough coverage while the side split helps her look a little taller. She shops for shorts with wider waistbands to help fit her hips. When searching for tops, she looks for a shorter design that will fit her torso. Her go-to tops are the Lucy Light Speed Tank and the Nike Breathe Cool Tank because of their flattering, semi-fitted designs as well as their breathable and technical construction. She likes a higher neckline because it flatters her smaller chest. She said she steers clear of most capris, crops, and tights because they make her look a little shorter with the exception of the Nike Power Trail Capri, which hits just below her knee.

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