Halloween Costumes For Runners

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Here at Running Warehouse we get pretty pumped for Halloween. Excessive sugar consumption and running along neighborhood streets are right up our alley. But when it came to picking out our costumes, we all realized that we had a problem. How could we maintain the holiday spirit if we couldn’t wear our costumes on our run? The solution was as simple as it was fun to enact; we created our costumes using running apparel! In fact, we had so much fun picking out our costumes that we wanted to share them with you.

Please use the links below each images to see the individual pieces for each costume.


Tourist: Hat, Sunglasses, Backpack, Shirt, Fanny pack, Bottle, Shorts, Socks, Flip flops

Sock Hop Girl

Sock hop: Scrunchie, Shirt, Belt, Skirt, Socks, Shoes


Ninja: Top, Pants, Gloves, Massage stick


Pumpkin: Hat, Jacket, Shirt, Shorts, Socks

Candy Corn

Candy corn: Hat, Tank, Shorts

Nacho and Esqueleto (a la Nacho Libre)

Nacho: Cape, Underwear, Tights
Esqueleto: Tights (sold out)

A Rainbow

Red: Hat, Shirt, Shorts
Orange: Hat, Jacket, Shirt, Shorts, Socks
Yellow: Hat, Vest, Shirt, Shorts
Green: Hat, Quarter-zip, Shorts
Blue: Hat, Tank, Tights
Purple: Hat, Shirt, Shorts

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